Ten Minute Phobia Cure Review


Phobias are defined as being irrational fears of certain things or situations so the idea of a fast phobia cure shouldn’t take you too much by surprise.

Which, whilst it’s probably true, doesn’t help much if you’re unlucky enough to suffer from a phobia.

Whether you’re afraid of spiders, heights, flying, public speaking or anything else, it’s likely holding you back in some way.

Which is where the NLP Phobia Cure comes in…

phobiaA lot of our phobias are ones that we’ve learned quickly. If you hate the sight of spiders, there’s a good chance that you learned to have this phobia in a few short seconds – maybe when you were playing with a spider as a child and then your mother came into the room and screamed or shouted. In that instant, you learned that you were supposed to be afraid of these creepy crawlies.

Same goes for being scared of heights, flying or anything else you can name. Chances are that you “learned” your fear quickly.

The good news is that this fear can be unlearned nearly as quickly with a fast phobia cure.

The NLP Phobia Cure uses a simple NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technique called the Rewind Technique.

The program comes through the post on a CD, so if you’re booked on a flight tomorrow you’ll just have to cope with that (sorry).

You can download the entire 10 minute track for free here and test it for yourself.


Does the 10 minute phobia cure work?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes.

The NLP technique is tried and tested. I learned it on an NLP course that I did some years back and I have used it lots of times to cure fears and phobias on lots of different people.

It’s well explained and the main track is easy to follow and gives you plenty of help and assistance as you go. Allow yourself 30 minutes to get rid of a phobia the first time you use this program and under a quarter of an hour for any subsequent problems you want to get rid of.

If you’ve got any phobia or fear that you’d like to be rid of, the 10 Minute Phobia Cure is an excellent product.

It’s almost the same experience as you’d get from visiting your local NLP person for a fraction of the cost. And it’s an order of magnitude quicker cure than you’d get with hypnosis. Plus it works on absolutely any fear or phobia you’re ever likely to encounter. Even the “bigger” fears such as agoraphobia as well as all those niggly fears.

It works on children just as well as it does on adults. So if you’ve got a child who’s suffering from nightmares or is afraid of the dark, use it on them. Because children have more vivid imaginations than us older folks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how fast it will work with them. And you’ll have the fun of seeing them break out into a broad grin or even laughter as you go through the technique with them and watch their fear simply melt away.

If that sounds dramatic and too much like a sales letter would, all I can say is try it for yourself. I know when I’ve used this quick phobia cure on children and adults that this is what happens!

There’s an excellent chance that you’ll get rid of any fear in just one listening – the personal sessions I’ve done with people work with just one session and this is near enough identical.


Click here for your free copy of the 10 minute phobia cure.

26 thoughts on “Ten Minute Phobia Cure Review

  1. I am a social phobia suferer some times i call it fear i can’t talk infront of the people, i can’t talk to lady i am losing my control and i can’t say a word although i am intellegent boy please help me

  2. Hi Kamal

    It’s certainly worth giving the ten minute phobia cure (also known as the NLP rewind techninque) a try.

    At some stage in the past, you’ll have “learned” to react this way.

    Our brain takes shortcuts all the time (otherwise we’d have to re-learn everything from scratch every time) but sometimes these shortcuts are no longer appropriate.

    What the technique does is the equivalent of erasing the problem shortcut. Which means that the next time you encounter the situation where you used to have the problem, your brain starts out fresh.

    I’ve used the technique face-to-face with people to cure all sorts of phobias and so have quite a few other people I know.

    Plain and simple: it works!


  3. Hi, I do find this 10 minute cure hard to believe. I have suffered from emetophobia for as long as I can remember and have tried various methods, but not one has helped rid me of this phobia. Can it really be possible to erase a phobia that I have had vurtually all my life in just 10 (or 30) minutes?.
    If it were possible, surely nobody would have a phobia anymore.
    Can this help me?,

    Many Thanks.

  4. Hi Peter

    I’ve used the ten minute cure on various people and seen it used on others.

    And, yes, it does work.

    The CD follows the method I’ve been taught near enough word for word.

    Go with the flow on it – or find a local NLP practitioner who uses the “rewind technique” if you prefer face-to-face.


  5. Hi, I understand this uses a “rewind technique”, but I don’t know when my phobia started.
    Is this important for it to be successful?.

    Thank You.

  6. Hi Karl

    It will still work – when I’ve worked with people who don’t know the exact moment we’ve just picked one they can remember and it’s been fine. Sometimes an extra “run through” or two of the backwards movie but it still seems to erase the brain’s shortcuts fine.


  7. I used 2 be a coulrophobic….but my mom & bro helped me out of it by telling me to assume that the clown got stung on the face(hence the bog eerie smile& nose) & came straight out off bed in his pajamas without combing his hair.

  8. It’s funny, Affirmation is a very simple technique, i mean once you understand the concept of how it works, you can change your entire personality.
    I have been using it for about a year now and i have witnessed myself doing things that i could never even imagine myself doing them, In the end it have come into my attention that you can turn the world go in the direction you want!!!

  9. yes i have similar problem to kamal

    yet i do not have 1 specific incident that caused my ‘fear’ as such. i have many such incidents(i.e. when i was not in good health and not in control of my body) which led to this extreme gripping irrational fear. it has developed over some time. it is worse when in group situation. should i just use a sample incident?

  10. I have a phobia over mountainlions because I got attacked by one once. Any advice,n do u think this will work?

  11. Hi there. I have suffered from toilet phobia relating to always needing to know where the nearest loo i plus ibs. I’ve been like it as long as I can remember and belive I ‘learned’ it from my dad. Will thus method work if I cannot remember a time before the phobia? Thanks m

  12. Hi,

    Great post about phobia cure. Well, I think that phobia is not an illness, but the thought of coming into contact, or the actual contact with your feared object, place or situation can lead to panic, shaking, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, feeling sick dizziness, increased heart rate, sweating, etc.

    I first discovered the fast phobia cure while watching Paul McKenna and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was treating a woman who had been bitten by a dog as a child, she felt so traumatised by the event that now in her adult life she couldn’t take her own child to the park in fear that she would meet a dog, her phobia was so intense. I watched Paul McKenna demonstrate the fast phobia cure and after just one session this woman was actually stroking a dog and taking it for a walk in a park, wow. I looked into the Fast Phobia Cure and discovered a hypnotist who is now someone that I have high regard for, Keith Livingston. This is the guy I have to thank for making it possible for me to of helped so many people.

  13. Is this ‘cure’ the one where you play the scary event in your mind backwards, in black and white and on a screen in a cinema? If so I have tried this many times for my phobia of dogs and it has never worked…?

  14. Against my better judgement I forked out the £30!!! that this cd cost and have found that it doesn’t work. Why is it that it works on everyone but me! A therapist costing £125 an hour – who I won’t name – tried the exact same thing on me last year and told me I was cured. There is NO difference! I am getting desperate now as this is taking over my life and I am scared to go out of the house for fear of seeing a dog.

    What on earth do I do now….. <>

  15. Hi Roz

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you – remember there’s a 30 day money back guarantee on the CD so all is not lost there.

    I’d suggest that you find a *good* therapist locally – ask around and don’t be afraid to ask whether they’ve succeeded with other people’s fear of dogs. It should be a simple process as most fears are more scared of you than you are of them.


  16. wow, such a helpful and mind feeding information you’ve shared here. i am in fear of some things but i wont consider it to the extent that i call myself having a phobia on it. but well, having read the information you have provided is such nice thing. actually i haven’t heard of the tips yet even the 10-minute phobia cure that’s why it caught my attention to read this one. nice one!

  17. Is it really possible to cure your long-term phobia in just 10 minutes through listening to that CD? It’s really hard to believe that it can cure that fast.

  18. As far as I know, phobia are psychological problems, and I don’t think that you can easily cope up with it in 10 minutes. I don’t think that your way is possible.

  19. Hi Ken,

    It’s the same technique I use to successfully cure fears and phobias face to face so there’s a very high chance it will work for you. When I got my copy, everything got sent through the post.


  20. I spent $200 and meet with an NLP therapist who was unable to do anything with my dental phobia. If she couldn’t do anything in person and for about 2 hours, how can a 10 minute “cure” from a CD work? I’d love to belief it, but I don’t.

  21. Stephan:

    Different people use different techniques but I’ve used this successfully face to face.

    Plus, unlike (I guess) your local person there’s a money back guarantee.


  22. The 10 minute cure works – I’ve used it on quite a lot of people – but you may be better off finding someone local to you and having a one-on-one session.

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