Brain Evolution System Review

Brain Evolution System

The Brain Evolution System is a binaural beats meditation system.

This makes it a competitor to some other systems that I’ve reviewed, such as Centerpointe and the Meditation Program.

I got sent a review copy of Brain Evolution in early November 2008 and have listened to each of the six CDs (obviously not for the recommended month per CD!) in the set.

As you may know, my previous favorite binaural beats system is the Meditation Program. And that’s still the case – but you may prefer some aspects of the Brain Evolution System.

About the Brain Evolution System…Brain Evolution System

That said, there are a number of points in favor of the Brain Evolution system:

  • Each CD is only 30 minutes long. This is actually a big advantage if you’re short of time and find that the hour taken up by the other systems is simply too long to set aside.
  • The background sound is typically heavy rainfall. Sometimes there are church bells as well. And sometimes the rainfall turns into a full blown storm. That means if you’re unfortunate enough to be afraid of thunderstorms, this isn’t the program for you. But if you find that the gentle sounds of the other programs sends you to sleep, the Brain Evolution System will almost certainly ensure that you’re alert enough to get the full benefit of the meditation.

The Brain Evolution system also comes with a “brain food supplement” called Acuity. You’ll get a one month pot when you purchase the system and the option to continue receiving it each month. The supplement is claimed to help boost your mind power and the ingredients list includes:

  • L-Glutamine, one of the few amino acids that can get transferred from your bloodstream into your brain.
  • DHA, a fatty acid that is useful to your brain.
  • Ginkgo Biloba, which can help with brain function (but if you are taking anything for your blood circulation, check with your doctor first)
  • Various other herbs designed to help boost your brain power

The other good news about the Brain Evolution System is that – unlike the main competitors – they offer a free 21 day trial. When you take out the trial, you’ll get access to the first level of the Brain Evolution System and you can listen to it for three weeks to check that it’s right for you.

So if you’ve never tried a binaural beats meditation system before, it’s well worth checking out the free trial. This will give you a good idea of how well binaural beats work even if, like me, you’re not totally happy with the noisy rainfall that’s used in this product to disguise the binaural beats.

So, what’s my verdict?

I like the idea of binaural beats meditating. It’s easy and doesn’t require any complicated preparation.

Personally, I’m staying with the Meditation Program for my regular meditation.

But if you find yourself drifting off to sleep with that system or if you find that your schedule doesn’t allow you the luxury of an hour a day to listen to a meditation track, then the Brain Evolution System is certainly worth examining.

The choice is yours – this is a top quality product and you can sign up for the free 21 day trial so you don’t have to take my word for it!

And if you’re still not sure, I’ve done a comparison chart below covering the three different systems. I think I’ve got all the main points but if there’s anything I’ve missed, please let me know.

Brain Evolution System Zen 12 Program Centerpointe Holosync
Session length 30 minutes 12 minutes 60 minutes (*)
Technology 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process: binaural beats, isochronic tones, temporal brainwave entrainment Binaural beats Binaural beats
Number of levels 6 12 12
Demo available? 21 day free trial Free sample online Demo CD
Headphones required? Yes No Yes
Silent subliminals? No No Yes
After introductory level
Time to complete program 6 months 12 months Several years
Soundtrack Natural soundscapes Choice of natural sounds, meditation music, white noise, guided meditation Natural sounds, mainly rainfall and temple bells
Support Online support sessions, regular newsletters, support team access Online support guide, 24/7 support service Comprehensive support materials, regular newsletters, hotline access to support team
Guarantee length 7 months 12 months 12 months
Cost $297
Payable in 3 monthly installments
from $67 (discount coupon sometimes available) $179 for first level
additional levels at various prices according to the deal you take
Payment includes all levels? Yes Yes No
Retreats No No Yes
at extra cost
Brain Evolution System Zen 12 Program Centerpointe Holosync

* Some early sessions take less time but the majority are this length

Click here to get hold of the Brain Evolution System.


14 thoughts on “Brain Evolution System Review

  1. Hi Trev,

    Like you, I’m having to give a thumbs up to the Brain Evolution System too — certainly based on the 63 days that I have been using it so far.

    I’ve just moved on to Level 3 of the system, a program called ‘Infinity’ and I’m committed to completing all 6 levels.

    So far, as well as really deep meditations, expansions of consciousness, unusual psychic phenomena, I’ve also experienced a huge uplift in personal productivity, energy and mental sharpness. So it’s looking good for 2009!

    Happy New Year,

  2. I’ve been trying to compare The Meditation Program and Brain evolution. Their site seems very similar. They even have testimonials from the same people! Have you heard of Perfect Meditation? If so, what are your thoughts on that program? I’m just trying to find the best one for me that’s not gonna break the bank. 😉

  3. Hi Belinda

    Not heard of Perfect Meditation – sorry.

    Brain Evolution and Meditation Program are produced by two different companies but as far as I can tell they do have links with each other – not exactly sure what though!

    Personally, I use Meditation Program but it’s down to personal preference, time available and cost. Brain Evolution only takes half an hour a day but it’s a 6 month program and the cost is a bit higher than Meditation Program. So if cost is an issue and if you can spare an hour a day on a regular basis for the 8 weeks upwards that it will take, go for Meditation Program. See my full review of the program to get a discounted link if you’re able to download it.

    The other option is to use the 21 day trial for Brain Evolution and see how you get on with it. You’ll have a pretty good idea before the trial is up whether it will work for you. After that, you can spread the payment over three months.

    Sorry if that sounds like I’m sitting on the fence. They’re both very good programs – I bought Meditation Program and got sent a full review copy of Brain Evolution, so I’ve listened to both (I also used to subscribe to Centerpointe, so I know that one as well).



  5. This is great. I think meditation is so important for good mental health. Also, thanks for the insight about the storms. It’s good to know.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share your review. Few subjects are more important then our mental health, so I always enjoy reading about new ways to keep the mind as healthy as possible. When I have some extra time on my hands I think I will check out the system.

  7. I too am recommending this product from brainev. The price tag is sort of a put off at first glance, but they have this trial period which surely is enough for one to decide to go ahead or not.

    Personally, I don’t have enough patience to sit for 60 minutes. 30 minutes is about the longest I could go without being distracted by back aches and itches and other things.

  8. With only 30 minutes a day one can already reap the benefits of binaural beats, may it be for meditation, improving your sleep or as a stress reliever. Thanks for the in depth review of this product!

  9. Brainwave entrainment has helped me develop a deeper meditative trance and actually reach that deep, calm place of inner peace. I’ve also had pretty good luck with the sleep tracks. It’s pretty amazing how quickly a simple tone can quiet my mind, especially when it’s racing and I can’t rutn it off.

  10. The Brain EV is amazing, I used it to attract younger woman And it worked. After a few days of use a beautiful 18 year old reached me on myspace who by the way is 20 years younger then me. I was stunned!!! This stuff is great as a wishing tool And all you do is listen to the meditation required. Do you want money ? no problem just listen to Brain EV And imagine wealth. If you want sex no problem just listen to Brain EV And imagine sex. Good luck to everyone.

  11. Dear Belinda,

    If the Perfect Meditation you are asking about is the one at then I use and love it. I used Holosynch through AL3 then tossed the whole Holosynch out (sold it actually) and have been using Perfect Meditation for 2 years now. I have changed in this time from a “drama queen” to a man of great equapoise and calm. I cannot recommend Perfect Meditation highly enough (you can get the 1st level on eBay.)


  12. I like the BrainEv system a lot as well. I think it is one of the better brainwave entrainment programs on the market. I can’t say I have found inner peace with using brainwave audios (although I am working on it!) but I have found it to be extremely useful for staying calm and relaxed as well as gettting a good nights sleep and relieving headaches. I think if you are willing to put in the time, this program can be really beneficial.

  13. Hey trev first of all i would thank u for ur insights and thorough review in this martter i am although new to this, i am using meditation program after reading ur review n would like to know about perfect meditation too as it has quite a buz around .

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