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Brain Evolution System Review

The Brain Evolution System is a binaural beats meditation system.

This makes it a competitor to some other systems that I’ve reviewed, such as Centerpointe and the Meditation Program.

I got sent a review copy of Brain Evolution in early November 2008 and have listened to each of the six CDs (obviously not for the recommended month per CD!) in the set.

As you may know, my previous favorite binaural beats system is the Meditation Program. And that’s still the case – but you may prefer some aspects of the Brain Evolution System.

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Article Marketing Automation Review

Article Marketing Automation is a hidden gem that I’ve only just discovered.

It has two sides:

  • A system to publish quality articles to your blogs, either automatically or after you’ve approved them.
  • A system to publish your articles to other people’s blogs.

Both are really easy to implement and you’re in control, so you don’t get rubbish on your site.

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