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Brain Evolution System Review

The Brain Evolution System is a binaural beats meditation system.

This makes it a competitor to some other systems that I’ve reviewed, such as Centerpointe and the Meditation Program.

I got sent a review copy of Brain Evolution in early November 2008 and have listened to each of the six CDs (obviously not for the recommended month per CD!) in the set.

As you may know, my previous favorite binaural beats system is the Meditation Program. And that’s still the case – but you may prefer some aspects of the Brain Evolution System.

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Meditation Program and Centerpointe Holosync Comparison

I’ve been using Centerpointe Holosync for some years now and have reached their Purification level 2, which means I’m about half way through their program. Most people who know me say that I’ve improved for the better over the years I’ve been listening to it.

It’s a good system – I wouldn’t have been using it for so long if it wasn’t – but I’m always open to new ideas.

Recently, I came across the Meditation Program (look at that link but don’t buy it from there. I’ll explain why later). It makes some pretty bold claims. So let’s examine some of them: Continue reading

Centerpointe Review

Centerpointe is a high tech way of meditating:

Simply place the Centerpointe CD in your player, put on the headphones, sit back and listen.

The Centerpointe system works by playing two slightly different tones, one into each ear. This is disguised by the natural sound of rainfall, which makes for a relaxing meditation session.
There are two tracks on the CD you’ll receive. When you first get them, you’re advised to just play the first track. I strongly recommend that you follow this suggestion! Continue reading

Secrets of Meditation review

Matt Clarkson’s “Secrets of Meditation, Health and Happiness” comes on 4 audio CD’s.

The first CD gives an overview of meditation. In this, Matt discusses the main reasons that meditation is beneficial. He also looks at the myth that meditation is something that takes years to master – this isn’t true and he looks at why even meditating for just a few minutes a day is easy for us to achieve and is beneficial to the way we live our lives. Matt also explodes several other myths about meditation. He gives a clear, simple explanation of meditation and the benefits of doing even a handful of minutes meditation each day. Continue reading