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Micro Niche Finder Review

Micro Niche Finder is the tool I use to find keywords when I’m looking for themes for articles or pretty much anything else.

It hooks in to the Google keyword tool, so you know that real people are searching for the phrases it finds.

And it stores them in its own database so you can go back to previous searches whenever you want to.

But it also does a lot more:

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Wordtracker Review – Keyword Research with Wordtracker

If you read almost any book on internet marketing, you’ll be told to research your keywords.

OK, but where to start and which keyword tools should you believe?

If the book you’re reading is old (or at least old in internet marketing terms), you’ll likely see a reference to Overture. This used to be Yahoo’s keyword tool but it is no longer around.

So you can use a free tool like Google’s keyword tool. Or you can use a paid-for service like Wordtracker.

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