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Advanced Cosmic Ordering Review

Cosmic Ordering is credited by Noel Edmonds as being responsible for his return to UK television after an absence of several years.

As you’ll be aware if you’ve searched Amazon, there are quite a few books on the subject including books by Barbel Mohr and Stephen Richards, whose Cosmic Ordering Guide was my introduction to the subject.

The idea of Cosmic Ordering is that you decide on what you want and then place your “order” with the cosmos, which then delivers on your order. The idea isn’t new – Napoleon Hill and Wallace D Wattles both talked of very similar ideas – but the methodology has become more precise. Both these authors taught that every idea has to be thought about before it can come into reality and essentially they both said that the more you think about something, the more likely it is to come into your life.

The new works on Cosmic Ordering take this to another level.

Having read Stephen Richards’ book, I was intrigued and went on to find the Advanced Cosmic Ordering secrets (look at that link but don’t buy it from there. I’ll explain why later). Continue reading