Self Growth Giveaway

If you’re into self growth and personal development, this is an offer that seems too good to refuse.

Swap your name and email address for $4,570 worth of self growth goodies. If that’s all the information you need to know, click here.

Normally I’m suspicious when someone offers me lots of information for free. I run through my mind and wonder whether it’s going to be just a bunch of useless rubbish that’s been recycled since the internet was in nappies.

But that wasn’t the case here. I’ve been buying products on and off through this company for years. So I know they deliver at least what they promise.

Amongst other things, you’ll get free:

  • 2 hypnosis downloads (this one has the catch that you only get these tracks free when you buy 5 other tracks from their range)
  • Mind mapping software (PC or Mac)
  • Relaxation screensaver
  • Holistic healing secrets
  • Motivator software
  • 47 herbal remedies just like granny used to use (and being herbal, they’re natural, still work and have a lot less side effects than modern drugs)
  • Bryan Knight’s introduction to hypnosis
  • An audio interview with prolific self growth author Dr Joe Vitale
  • Online video coaching with Brian Walsh
  • Advanced memory course that takes over where Tony Buzan leaves off
  • Motivator software to nicely nag you to stay motivated
  • $10 off subliminal power, their best selling subliminal software that flashes subliminal messages onto your computer screen
  • 30% off their relaxation, binaural beats and subliminal CDs (if you’re thinking of buying any of these, the free membership is a must)
  • Access to their own self development radio station
  • And more…

All you need to do is sign up with your name and email address.

Click here for your self growth giveaway.