Secrets of Real Hypnosis Review

The Secrets of Real Hypnosis is delivered on one CD. This contains two hypnosis tracks and a setup file which installs the main course into its own folder on your PC.

The first chapter gives an overview of hypnosis and reassures you that hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all drop into from time to time.

If you don’t believe this, think back to a car journey where you remember little, if anything, about the trip between setting out on the journey and arriving at your destination. You were in a hypnotic trance, maybe because you do the journey so often that you were on the human equivalent of auto-pilot.

What’s in Secrets of Real Hypnosis?Secrets of real hypnosis

It also quickly dispels the other common myth that hypnotized subjects are asleep. You need to be awake for hypnosis to work, even if you are so deep in trance that you appear asleep to the outside world.

The next section deals with eight common myths about hypnosis. So if you currently believe that hypnosis is dangerous or makes people do things against their will, you’ll find out why these myths (and half a dozen others) aren’t true.

After that, the report moves on to how to find your “hypnotic voice”. This is the tone of voice that you’ll use when you start putting the hypnosis section into practice.

There’s no right or wrong voice here – I’ve personally used hypnosis tracks with all sorts of different voices and tonalities and have sometimes been surprised at how well the majority of them work, even if my initial reaction was “no way”. You’ll find out why this is the case in this short section.

Then the report gets into actually hypnotizing people. Starting with a simple formula which – it claims – will guarantee that your hypnosis sessions will work every time like clockwork.

Having practiced hypnosis for a number of years, I can confirm that in essence these 4 seemingly simple steps are all that you will need to work wonders with the people you hypnotize.

Each of the four steps is outlined first and then explained in more detail.

The detailed sections are well explained.

For instance, the section on relaxation not only gives you examples of how to put your subject into a relaxed state but also how to spot when they’re faking their reaction. Maybe they’re not intentionally pretending to be relaxed but if you’re able to spot the signs that everyone exhibits, you’ll be able to continue your relaxation hypnosis induction a bit longer if your subject hasn’t become fully relaxed. Which will help you to get the best results from the session.

Once you’ve got your subject relaxed, the fun can begin in earnest!

The section on hypnotic induction covers the induction itself as well as a number of pre-tests that you can perform before launching into the main induction itself. If this is the first session you’ve had with someone, these tests are very useful indicators. Longer term, as you get to know your subject and they get to know you, there’s a good chance that you’ll skip this stage as you’ll instinctively know that they’re ready to go into a deep hypnotic state.

You’re given some suggestions for a script to induce a hypnotic trance. These are a good basis and if you’ve ever seen a hypnotist or listened to a hypnosis track, you’ll likely recognize them.

Over time, you’ll develop your own induction script – the one I use wanders around one of three common themes depending on what I’m feeling like on the day and who I’m hypnotizing – but you need somewhere to start and this is a good place. There are also six tips to ensure that the induction is a success.

If you’re worried about a subject not responding to your hypnosis suggestions, the section on dealing with tricky subjects gives some good pointers for getting them to co-operate!

Once you’ve got your subject into a hypnotic trance, the next stage is to deepen it. The explanation here is good. Your subject won’t always go to the same level of deepness each time and this explanation should help you to stop worrying about this normal state of affairs.

You’re given a couple of different deepening techniques, including “down the stairs”, which is the one I normally use when I’m deepening someone’s trance. You’re also given some extra tips which will help you to have a successful trance deepening most every time.

Then it’s the moment you and your subject have really been waiting for: the actual hypnotic suggestion part of the process.

The report covers the three basic rules of hypnotic suggestion. If you write your own scripts, be sure to keep to these rules.

At this stage, you’re given a couple of sample suggestion scripts: one for curing headaches and the other is a memory loss script, similar to the ones used by stage hypnotists.

You’re also reminded of the fluid nature of hypnosis. So if you’re searching for the perfect script, stop panicking and remember that if the script you’re using works and achieves its desired outcome, then it’s absolutely fine!

This leads on to the section that deals with what to do when things don’t go 100% to plan. You’ll know from the rest of your life that not everything happens precisely as planned and hypnosis is no exception.

That said, it’s unusual and refreshing for a report like this to not only admit that things can go off course but to show you how to cope when this happens. Most courses I’ve come across assume that everything will always go perfectly. Top marks to Michael Masterman for including this!

Which just leaves a brief discussion of bringing your subject back out of trance.

Section two of the Secrets of Real Hypnosis shows you how to put all this knowledge into practice.

And if you’re a natural born exhibitionist, this includes stage hypnosis! You’ll probably recognize the six different tests outlined from any hypnosis stage show you’ve seen – they’re good tests from the hypnotists point of view and are also good for the audience to watch. After all, if the subjects are stuck to their chairs then they must be hypnotized!

The stage hypnosis discussion goes on to show you how to use post hypnotic suggestions. These are the events you’ve seen in hypnosis shows where the hypnotist will say a certain code word (or a specific event occurs) and the chosen person starts clucking like a chicken, telling the audience to keep quiet or something similar.

Later in the report is a complete section about putting on a successful stage hypnosis show. This includes selecting subjects and even a suggested running order for your show and lots of routines to use or adapt.

Half way between a personal hypnosis session and stage hypnosis is group hypnosis. This is where a group of people are hypnotized simultaneously. Usually for a stage show but you could also use this for, say, a weight loss or stop smoking group locally.

The third section of the Secrets of Real Hypnosis deals with self hypnosis.

Although the principle is simple, not everyone seems to be able to make the transition from hypnotizing other people to hypnotizing yourself.

Here, you’re given a step by step guide to achieving self hypnosis. All the way from relaxing yourself, inducing a hypnotic state in yourself, giving yourself the hypnotic suggestions and then waking yourself.

You’re given a simple 7 step formula to making sure that your self hypnosis scripts will work correctly.

You’re also given sample scripts for stop smoking, boosting your confidence, becoming a mega sales person and learning any new skill. There are also 4 tips to make sure that you achieve the best from your self-hypnosis sessions.

Section four deals with healing.

If this sounds odd, take a few seconds out to think about it. If someone breaks a limb, all the doctors do is put the limb straight and then encase it in plaster for a short while. Your body does all the hard work. And it knows exactly what to do.

In the same way, hypnotic healing simply helps the body to heal itself. (Of course, there are the usual warnings here about consulting with doctors, etc.)

Of course, the meaning of healing can be expanded so that it covers not just healing aches and pains but also improving confidence, boosting your motivation, curing fears and phobias as well as helping with quitting smoking or losing weight.

The report goes through exactly what you need to do in order to have a successful hypnotherapy session. These are outlined in a series of 8 short steps, each of which is explained well.

You’re also given sample scripts for:

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop stuttering
  • Quit taking drugs
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of the dark
  • Cure insomnia
  • Cure acne
  • Stop snoring

If you bought these scripts separately from places like Hypnosis Scripts you’d pay more than double the price of the complete Secrets of Real Hypnosis course.

Another section of the report covers instant hypnosis. The kind you’ve probably seen in stage shows where the hypnotist says “sleep” and the subject is almost instantly hypnotized.

There are three simple instant hypnosis methods discussed, followed by a section on how to master these methods so that they work on your potential subjects. This is an often ignored section in other books. As I’ve said earlier, there are times when things don’t go 100% to plan – outside events beyond your control such as the neighborhood cats meowing at the top of their voices, for example – so this is a very useful reference.

Finally, the report deals with persuading others even if they haven’t been hypnotized.

You may have come across adverts for products such as Conversational Hypnosis that claim you can hypnotize people just by talking to them.

These skills are covered in the final section of the report, including how to use hidden hypnotic commands (often called embedded commands) to help you to get your way.

The two audio tracks on the CD are recordings of how to become a mega sales person and how to quit smoking. You’re also given the full scripts for these two sessions, so you can follow along if you want to.

Overall Verdict

Secrets of Real Hypnosis is a top quality, self contained hypnosis course. It’s well written and easy to understand. Even in some of the areas where hypnosis books typically glaze over things.

If you’re just about to learn hypnosis, it’s an excellent beginners guide.

And if, like me, you’re already practicing hypnosis regularly, you’ll pick up enough tips and tricks to make it worth adding to your library.

Click here to get the Secrets of Real Hypnosis.

13 thoughts on “Secrets of Real Hypnosis Review

  1. Hypnosis

    Hi trevor great blog , Do you ever use reggresion work to find the original sorce of the problem? We us this first before we start using the scripts what sort of sucsses rate do you get ?

  2. trev

    Hi Mark

    My approach mixes hypnosis and NLP as I’ve been trained in both.

    Sometimes I use parts regression. Sometimes I’ll shrink down the “thing” that’s fixing the “problem” and send it in like a movie, complete with cell phone connections to remotely located doctors who are experts in their field. Since the body does a large amount of self-repair anyway, I find this works well and also works fast.

    And quite often I use the approach of not needing to know what the precise problem is (sometimes it can just be a complete abstract like a colour).

    Or the NLP rewind technique.

    It just depends on the individual I’m working with.

    That said, the scripts in this product are an excellent starting place.


  3. Hypnosis Mind Control

    Hey there..

    Thanks for the wonderful article.
    I like this part of yours “If you’re worried about a subject not responding to your hypnosis suggestions, the section on dealing with tricky subjects gives some good pointers for getting them to co-operate!”

    Many times I’ve doubted whether this technique will work or not but you’ve provided a good answer.


  4. Hypnosis Black Secrets

    I recommend this home study course to everyone. I like all the programs of M. Masterson and his network and always recommend to my readers.

    Good review, btw.

    Orik Ibad

  5. self hypnosis

    Great review! I have been on self-hypnosis as well and I will definitely add this up to my collection.

    This is highly recommended for all those who want to live a better life thru altering one’s perspective and making it productive and positive in general.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Keep the reviews coming!

  6. Dave

    Does anyone know how Secrets of Real Hypnosis compares to Underground Hypnosis? Thanks for any follow-up info…

  7. trev

    Hi Dave

    I’ve not seen Underground Hypnosis yet but Real Hypnosis goes through hypnosis techniques in detail, covering everything from self hypnosis through to stage hypnosis and near enough all points inbetween.


  8. Linda

    Hey, Trevor,

    Great review! I was wondering if you could tell me if this course has any business helps for setting things up as your own practice?

    Linda 🙂

  9. trev

    Hi Linda

    It’s one of the more comprehensive hypnosis products I’ve found and there’s a section on setting up your own hypnotherapy practice. Plus there’s a 3 month guarantee on the product, which isn’t something you’d get with a regular course.


  10. Conversational Hypnosis

    Thanks for the review of this course. I have been dabbling with self-hypnosis for awhile and I was thinking about purchasing this course but wanted to read some reviews first. Yours was very helpful. Thank you.

  11. Carrie

    This looks really fascinating. I have always been interested in learning more about hypnosis. Your review is so in-depth, you practically give away the whole e-book for free ha! I never realized that hypnosis could be used as a cure for stuttering. I’m sure that has probably been a godsend to a lot of people.

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