PC Secret Formula Review: speeding up your computer

PC Secret Formula is a report that claims to be able to speed up any PC.

Using its recommendations on my personal PC, I shaved an impressive 44 seconds off the boot time. So if you want my quick review: it works. Buy it!

It’s not the usual “buy this registry cleaner” or “buy this defragmenter”. Instead, it’s full of solid advice you can use to speed up your computer.

What’s in PC Secret Formula?

The report is logically laid out and goes through 5 techniques that can tweak your computer’s performance without running the risk of harming it.

You’ll have to download some software to do this but the good news is that it’s all free to download and use. I’ve been involved with PC’s now for well over a decade and had only come across one of these utilities before, so I’d definitely agree that they’re well kept secrets.

It will probably take you about half an hour to run through the main “meat” of the report, including downloading the software and running it.

Some of the tools require you to reboot your PC as that’s the only way you can tidy up some of the stuff that Windows leaves in its wake. But everything is fully explained with screenshots. If you prefer to watch things happening, there’s an optional upgrade to a set of videos and a tool that automates things for you. I didn’t go for this but then I’m used to messing around with computers. If you want some extra hand holding, the videos Kris produces are easy to watch and explain things logically.

If you want to speed up your PC, you should download this report and follow the instructions.

Set aside a bit of time to run through everything and then look forward to a leaner, meaner, faster computer without the cost of hassle of an upgrade.

Click here to get a copy of PC Secret Formula.

7 thoughts on “PC Secret Formula Review: speeding up your computer

  1. advancedefrag

    Hi..happen find your site. I used lots of stuff claim can speedup your computer and so on…well some of it is working. But normally I defrag my computer one a month or I just make it schedule. So far my computer speed maintain and yes I will try your suggestion PC Secret Computer. Thanks

  2. Maxwell

    How do i instal it
    I am knew to the computer internet browsing
    If possible sent me the trial version
    I hope it will work out well

  3. trev

    Hi Maxwell

    It comes with full instructions and there’s currently a cheap 14 day trial as well.


  4. Larry B

    Hey there great post but regarding what you said about:
    “Some of the tools require you to reboot your PC as that’s the only way you can tidy up some of the stuff that Windows leaves in its wake.”
    and about how it would take 30 min to get it i find that just running a simple system restore clearing up some old programs that i dont use anymore and running a diskdefragmentor works better to speed up my compter then anything else so im abit unsure about this program but i am seeing allot of comments sayingt that they liked it i was just wondering how this program works to actually speed things up?

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