Meditation Program and Centerpointe Holosync Comparison

I’ve been using Centerpointe Holosync for some years now and have reached their Purification level 2, which means I’m about half way through their program. Most people who know me say that I’ve improved for the better over the years I’ve been listening to it.

It’s a good system – I wouldn’t have been using it for so long if it wasn’t – but I’m always open to new ideas.

Recently, I came across the Meditation Program (look at that link but don’t buy it from there. I’ll explain why later). It makes some pretty bold claims. So let’s examine some of them:

They say that Centerpointe is mind-numbing, dis-engaging and outdated. Mind-numbing and dis-engaging I’d agree with. The first CD track is 30 minutes of rainfall with occasional chimes, the second CD track is 30 minutes of rainfall. But then you’re supposed to be dropping down to lower and lower levels of brain activity, so I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. After all, the aim of Centerpointe is to drop you down to deeper brain levels. It’s not aimed at the top 30 charts. Besides, I’ve been listening to these CDs for years now and find them kind of relaxing. So I guess that’s a kind of “horses for courses” criticism.

Moving on to the outdated claim. As a layman, I’m not particularly qualified to decide on that. But Holosync is, by Centerpointe’s own admission, a 20 year old technology. So when it was “born” the CD had only recently been invented, cell (or mobile) phones were just about “luggable”, the iPod wasn’t even a twinkle in Apple’s eye and your average PC came with a 5.25″ floppy disk and, if you were rich, a hard disk that might hold one low resolution picture taken by a modern digital camera. So the odds are that, yes, Meditation Program’s claim that Holosync is outdated is quite likely. Of course, outdated doesn’t mean “doesn’t work”, just that there could be something newer and better available.

Certainly the Meditation Program is quicker than Centerpointe. The Purification level CD I’ve got says that it will take a year or more for me to complete just the current level I’m on. I’d agree and, from past experience, it would probably take me personally nearer to 18 months to get through the level.

Meditation Program only has 8 levels. Each one can be completed in around a week, maybe stretching to 10 days per level if you want to take it easy. I’m currently on my third week and listening to level 3, so I’d agree with that timescale.

The backing sounds are more varied. There’s music swirling around. And the music changes after levels 1 and 2 to something different on 3 and 4. So you won’t get bored.

The binaural beats are a lot more obvious on Meditation Program. A lot more obvious. With Centerpointe, they’re barely noticeable. With Meditation Program they’re very obvious. I don’t know whether this is good or bad. My guess is that it makes no difference – your brain will notice them whichever way they are presented.

Centerpointe allows subliminal messages to be encoded on the CDs once you get past the initial level. Meditation Program doesn’t offer this. Whether this matters to you depends on your view on subliminal messages. But it could be fairly irrelevant when you look at the next point.

The full Centerpointe program will take years to complete and at a shade under $200 for the first level and then a dozen more levels to go through over the years, it’s going to set you back quite a lot of cash.

The Meditation Program costs $125 on CD or $85 to download. The downloadable version is cheaper when you buy it through the discounted links later on in this review. It will take you around 8 weeks to complete if you fast track it, up to about 8 months if you want to be more relaxed in your progress. Either way, there will be plenty of cash left over to buy subliminal CDs to your heart’s content.

So, what’s my overall verdict?

Well, although I really like Centerpointe and have done for years, I’ve moved across to the Meditation Program for my daily listening routine. Partly because I’m impatient and want to reach the deepest level sooner than 2014, which is the absolute earliest I’d reach it with Centerpointe. Rather than some time late February or early March this year, which is when I’ll reach it with  Meditation Program.

One other thing to mention. Centerpointe is CD only, so it arrives through the post. Meditation Program has the option of being sent on CD (you’ll get all 8 levels when you order) or you can download it. If you opt to download, make sure you’re on a fast connection. If you’re on dialup or slow broadband, it will be quicker to order by post. The files are b-i-g. About 800Mb.

But if you’re on a good internet connection, save yourself some extra cash by using one of these two discounted order links:

Meditation program, discounted download

Those links will take you straight through to a specially discounted price of $67 (a bit like some sites offer a place to put in a coupon code).

Whichever method you choose, I think you’ll notice a positive difference in yourself.

87 thoughts on “Meditation Program and Centerpointe Holosync Comparison

  1. SlowBroadband

    I like your program but all youngest ors Think about its all for old age ones but I feel your work will get fare great for all ages.

    I should say true for me. I first used the Centerpointe Holosync system. I’m slowly progressing through the multitude of levels that they produce, each subtly stronger than the previous one. I even miss listening to the tracks last thing at night if I skip a session.

    I haven’t had any of the side effects that some friends have had – some of them find their mind too excited to sleep after listening to a session. But I’ve definitely noticed a positive difference in my outlook on life.

  2. wally

    OK. I just started with the Centerpoint Holosync, and as a result of your blog am thinking in the direction of the meditation program. If you started it the first part of this year, and would have been done by March, I’m guessing you have an opinion on the effectiveness of the meditation program over the centerpointe offering. Care to share it?

  3. trev

    Hi Wally

    Thanks for the question. I’ve been through all 8 levels of the Meditation Program (whereas I was only on about the 5th level of 12 on Holosync).

    I’ve found the Meditation Program to be good – subjectively I go into a deep meditation soon after starting to listen to the track and (as far as I can tell without scary scientific instruments) this is at least as deep as I went with the Centerpointe system.

    I’ve not noticed much change – but then I didn’t with Centerpointe, that was for friends to notice more than me and they’ve near enough all said I’m generally calmer and more relaxed.

    The tracks are more varied than the rainfall on Centerpointe – there’s music instead.

    My verdict is that as far as I can tell, it’s as good as Centerpointe for a fraction of the cost and timescale.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Otter

    Hi, I’ve only used cds – about 4 of them and am considering buying centerpointe’s delta sleep and longevity cds, online though other sellers without going through the whole first course or joining.

    I notice the Meditation Program is not binaural so I’m wondering how it works – how does it affect brain waves?

    Do you have any experience with any of these and, if so, do you have an opinion?

    Thanks. Otter

  5. trev

    Hi Otter

    Both Centerpointe and Meditation Program use binaural beats.

    I used Centerpointe for a number of years – it’s an excellent program. Meditation Program gets you to a similar level of “deepness” but doesn’t take what seems like forever to reach it.

    My personal recommendation nowadays is definitely Meditation Program.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Payday Advance Online

    I will have to get this type of cd because I have a hard time trying to go to sleep at night time. I for sure wake up at least three times when sleeping so I feel like I don’t get my full sleep hours.

  7. Dennis

    Trev, purchase & downloaded Med. Prog. yesterday, burned all 8 levels & listened to Level 1 yesterday and again today. I have time to listen to the 30 min. Level 1 more than once a day. Would it be either harmful or helpful to do so? If it’s OK, how many times a day max? Really appreciate & enjoy your reviews.

    Thanks. Dennis

  8. trev

    Hi Dennis

    Thanks for your kind words!

    If it’s your first time with a binaural beats meditation, I’d be inclined to suggest that you keep to the instructions of half an hour a day. When I first started with Centerpointe and more recently Meditation Program, I found I had many more dreams that I remembered whenever I changed to a new level, which I took to indicate my brain taking in the new things.

    That said, check in with Meditation Program’s support to see what they say – I’ve always found their support to be helpful and they normally reply within a day or less.


  9. ChinKooi

    Hi Trev,

    I came across ‘Brain Evolution System’ which claims much better compared to other products, have you tried that? What do you think? Thanks,

  10. trev

    Hi ChinKooi

    Yes, I’ve tried Brain Evolution System – you can check out the comparison here.

    It’s quicker than the other two (half an hour a day, not an hour) but personally I didn’t get on as well with it. I’m still using Meditation Program on a regular basis.


  11. Ken

    Hi Trev,

    Thanks so much for your review! It was really helpful. Based on it, I ordered the entire Med Program download for $67 using your discounted link instead of Holosync, Prelim CD 1, for $185.

    I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind.

    First, I was curious if you think it’s possible that the Med Prog worked well for you because you had already worked with Holosync and “built up” your brain, so to speak, for 2 years? Have you heard from others who were newbies, like myself, and achieved some type of blissful oneness (Delta level) using only the Med Prog for 8 weeks?

    Second, would you mind sharing a breakdown of the costs you paid to buy the Holosync CDs so far? I couldn’t find prices on-line beyond CD #1. I don’t ask just for the sake of curiosity. I ask so if I don’t see noticeable results after 8 weeks, I will consider ordering Holosync, depending, in part, on the overall prices.

    Thanks again!

  12. trev

    Hi Ken

    Glad you found the review helpful (and thanks for the purchase!)

    Although I’d been using Centerpointe for some time, I was only about a third the way through their system. So I guess my mind was “used” to it but the deeper levels were still just a distant possibility until I changed.

    The recommended time is to spend between one week and one month per “level” of the Meditation Program. Talking to other people who’ve used the system, it depends a bit on you as an individual which end of that spectrum you’ll be at. But the lower levels are still powerful so you should start noticing a difference sooner rather than later (or, if you’re like me, others spot the difference before you do!)

    It’s a while on Centerpointe higher levels but over $200 per level sticks in my mind. Once you’re on the Centerpointe mailing list, you get special offers through the post on quite a regular basis and discounts depending on how many levels you buy, although you only get posted the CDs for extra levels when you request them.



  13. iYAN-kun

    So this method uses binaural beats.looking forward to try it.

    certerpoint holysync is a good focuses on mind balance.

  14. Reza

    Hi Trev,

    I haven’ tried Centerpointe, Meditation Program or Brain Evolution System. The best meditation CD I have is Gamma Meditation System by Jeffrey Thomson. Have u tried it? If yes, how does it compare to the other systems?

  15. trev

    Hi Reza

    Sorry – not come across that one. But if it’s working for you, I’d be inclined to stay with it.



  16. Alan

    Hi Trev,

    There is also the Soundmind Meditation system which many claim to be better than Holosync and Hemisync. Can you tell me whether it is similar to the meditation program. Which system do you think is the most effective?

  17. trev

    Hi Alan

    Not come across that one. From the name, it sounds similar to Centerpointe and Meditation Program (and doubtless lots of others too!)

    Personally, I use the Meditation Program system on an almost daily basis and find it works well for me.



  18. Alan

    Hi Trev,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. I started off with the Monroe Gateway CDs and graduated to Holosync. Both were alright I guess. Anyway I noticed that these are two pioneers in using modern sound technology for meditation and have become benchmarks for others who are new in the market.

    I am now quite interested to check out ‘The Meditation Program’. Is there anywhere I can download a free sample of about 15 minutes to compare with the others. Thank you again for your quick response.

    Best Regards,


  19. trev

    Hi Alan

    Buried about half way down the main page for the Meditation Program is a link that says “Click here to listen to a montage of samples” (I found it easiest to search for the word “sample” in my browser)


  20. trev

    Hi Kathy

    The link to the discounted version is towards the end of the review. Just search for “discounted download” in your browser!


  21. Mike

    Could you show me some satisfied customers of the meditation program. Just would like to hear from them before buying.

  22. trev

    Hi Mike,

    I’m personally using the Meditation Program on a near enough daily basis and have found it useful.

    There’s a long guarantee with it so you can try it for yourself at no risk.


  23. dina

    Hi Trev,

    I have been using the the holosync awakening level 1 for a few months now and to to tell you the truth I dont really feel any substantial changes.

    In fact if it werent for the directions stating that you should move on to the next cd in 6 weeks I honestly wouldnt know if i were ready or not.

    Should I finish the 5 cds of awaking level 1 before considering the Meditation Program?

  24. trev

    Hi Dina

    Pretty much your choice – I moved when I was “mid-level” on Centerpointe.

    Everyone experiences these things differently – I listen late at night but know others who find doing that keeps them awake.

    Friends noticed the change in me well before I did 🙂


  25. dina


    What is the time commitment with the meditation program? Is it an hour a day like holosync?

    I should probably finish up these cd’s before moving on. Holosync is a large financial commitment.

    Thanks again for the quick reply.

    cool site.


  26. trev

    Hi Dina

    Yes, an hour a day for either of them.

    I agree Holosync is a large cost – and I’m probably still in credit with them!


  27. dina


    Question! After you finish the 8 cd meditation program… then what?
    Do you continue to use???

  28. trev

    Hi Dina

    Personally, I’ve continued to use it on a regular basis, mainly because it’s become part of my daily routine. I can’t quickly find the user guide but from memory, there’s no need to continue beyond the 8 weeks unless you want to.


  29. dina


    Dont you find that rather strange that the program would end after 8 weeks? Maybe its that the entrainment process has been completed?

    I came across this site… tell me what you think

    Do you use noise reduction headphones or regular?

    I think I am going to invest in noise reduction… my dogs bark at everything and its always when I sit down to meditate that they go into a barking frenzy.


    I have a few months left on holoysnc but look forward to trying the meditation solution..


  30. trev

    Hi Dina

    I know that Centerpointe does (eventually) end but that they say there are benefits to continuing using it, so I kind of assumed the same with Meditation Program.

    I use regular on-ear headphones (I’ve used noise cancelling on flights but find them too heavy for regular use). When I’m looking after my friend’s dog she relaxes next to me, so not had the barking issue. Good luck!

    I’ve seen Unexplainable store but not tried any of their products so can’t really comment.


  31. nightshade

    hy all, love to hear other people experimenting with entrainment, i personally would reccomend zygons ultra/basic meditation program (5 cds/5 mnths) with an additional 6 levels, more for experimental purposes. In my view, their first cd is the deepest first track ive tried in entrainment. (ive used mindsync,holosync, monroe and hemisync as well as the neuroprogrammer and various mind machines). The final track is the near death experience. If you go to relax uk ,you can get the first 5 cds for around £50. Even if you just try it for something new. P.S. has anyone tried transparentcorp altered states? i ve read alot of hype about it and was relativly impressed with their neuroprogrammer. P.P.S. check out the shakti helmet , also known as the god helmet , i reckon thats the new way forward. take care all nightshade Bsc(hons) lol

  32. Kathy Murray

    Hi Trev,

    Thanks for having this cool site. I had been looking for an alternative to Centerpointe/Holosync, which I had great results with on their first 2 levels, but their cost got too prohibitive. I’m on levels 3 & 4 of The Meditation Program now, and am really positively impressed. I had an amazing experience yesterday doing the meditation, profound and enlightening. The only thing I don’t like about The Med Prog is the big booming voice in between levels telling you about their copyright and not to distribute. But I can deal with that, otherwise SUPER great program.

    Happy meditating,

  33. trev

    Hi Kathy

    Glad you’re getting on well with Meditation Program. If the copyright voice gets on your nerves too much (I’ve pretty much tuned out from it) you can always use a program like Audacity to chop out that small section (usual “make a backup first” warnings apply).


  34. Brian

    Thanks for your very helpful advice about the Meditation Program. I’ve been using it for a month or so and have really enjoyed it for the most part. I’ve noticed though that as I move from one Level to the next I sometimes react to the new Level with mild depression and headaches. This has been particularly true as I have moved into Level 5, the first hour long session–enouogh that I hesitate using it when I have a day of work ahead of me. Any advice? Do I just soldier through? Limit my use to a couple of times a week instead of daily? I’d appreciate any suggestions.

  35. trev

    Hi Brian

    Glad you’re enjoying the program. Sometimes change can be faster than we like and these sound like symptoms of your brain saying it doesn’t like the idea of change.

    I’d either limit my use or drop back a level for a while – it sounds to me like your brain has lots of adjustments going on and these are the outward signs.


  36. britton

    Hi Trev,

    Thanks for the review. I’m on Awakening Level 4 of Holosync and I had a quick question.

    Is eight weeks really enough time for the Meditation System to do anything? Even if it subjectively takes you to a deeper state than Centerpointe, don’t you think that consistency over time would yield greater long-term results?

    I would think that despite the cost, meditating over a period of several years rather than several months would yield better long-term benefits, even if the Meditation System subjectively takes you as deep or deeper.

    Is your review based on your experience of how deep it takes you or on the long-term benefits the programs offer?

    Thanks a lot for the insight,

  37. Simon

    The discussion is going on interesting in comments section. Thanks to Dina for her active participation. I found answers to all of my questions here. Thanks Trev!

  38. trev

    Hi Brit

    Our brain learns fast (think how quickly most people learn to be afraid of spiders) so 8 weeks to get to the deeper levels should be achievable. Personally, I’m still using the tracks almost every day – it’s become a habit.

    As far as the long term benefits are concerned, I find it difficult to see the changes day-by-day but the feedback I’ve had from other people who meet me less often that “all day every day” is that it’s showing positive results in my overall attitude to life.


  39. trev

    Hi JD

    On the “other people noticing my changes” typically it’s people I haven’t seen for a while – a bit like the aunts and uncles you only saw at Christmas whose first words would be “hasn’t he grown”. Or the friend who visits your town after an absence of a few years who spots all the changes in shop fronts, new houses, etc that you take for granted.

    Generally, I’m more confident, more outward going and less stressed.

    At the end of the 8 weeks, I just kept on with the final CD and still listen to it most days.


  40. Buddhist Meditation Centre

    As a meditation teacher I’ve always been a bit sceptical of meditation CD’s thet cost a bit of money however i was interested and delighted to read that many of you have received benefit in this way. Nice to see a good blog with plenty of reponse and if it works for you then go with it!

  41. Robert

    i bought the holysync solution over a month ago bcos i was impressed with the subject matter. i’ve yet to use any of it yet, as i prefer to read up on all of this. i’ve read all the holysync papers, and heard much of the 6 discs of a 2003 retreat. the book ‘thresholds of the mind’ is excellent also. next step was exploring alternativ info regarding other meditation programs. oddly, i’m just enjoying all the reading right now, including personal reviews of the various programs. what are your thorts on LifeFlow?

  42. trev

    Hi Robert,

    Not tried LifeFlow as I’m still happy with the results I’m getting from Meditation Program.

    Glad you’ve got Holosync but you really do need to listen to the tracks – they’ll have much more effect than just reading!

    Quick analogy: could you learn to drive a car by reading a book? Or would you actually need to get behind the wheel?


  43. Mark


    Thanks for the blog. I have a couple of questions about the Meditation Program. First, is it easy to buy the downloadable version and then simply burn the various levels on to distinct CD’s? Also, What type of written support material accompanies the download?


  44. Sean Messenger


    thanks for posting this. i’ve been using holosync for the last 3 months, and i love it. i’ve never meditated deeper, nor felt calmer. i stopped drinking cold-turkey, and never even have cravings. but of course, i could always be happier… 🙂

    what specific changes have you seen in this program you didn’t find before? is it just easier to use and stick with?

    thanks again, and be happy,


  45. trev

    Hi Sean

    Both Centrepointe and Meditation Program work well. It’s probably me being impatient but I prefer to get to the really deep meditation levels in weeks rather than years 🙂


  46. Christian

    I guess I feel like you about Centerpointe because I think 5 years is way too much. Im one of the few people that spent the big bucks for the whole Inner Circle package and when I stopped I was at only Awakening Level 2 before I saw The Meditation Program and since im very familiar with Bradley Thomson product line I know they are all high quality backup up by a great guarantee.

    For Inner Circle package I had the luck to ran into the previous year recession special during its Christmas times which totalled 2500$ CDN instead of probably 3750$ CDN probably the whole package I got plus got some stuff included like books, cds and Gamma Compassion and Floating addition thing in my own voice which is really great (could loop this in my headphones while sleeping)

    I guess I wanted to spend weeks of personal growth too instead of years but too bad I ordered the Meditation program before I saw your discount site so as Centerpointe costed me that much I guess I could cheat a bit and use my refund right to the other site and order from your blog so I can save money that way 😛

    In the instructions they say we shouldnt use similar products while in the period of using The Meditation Program, so I guess using Holosync while being in the Meditation Program would be a no no and I wonder if any binaural beats tracks could still be used as I have a tons of that in my collection…

    Found also earlier Quantum Confidence (had a big backup guarantee that I cant simply ignore) which bring me powerful tracks with a technology I never seen MP3 that can be played with or without headphones and they gives stunning feelings insides of you everytimes you hear them. Amazing stuff but since Quantum Confidence is a closed program now for some time people can only get their hands on Quantum Power which seem good.

    Since some people may need to check back the instructions for the great Meditation Program I suggest this link:

  47. Christian

    One last note that I just came across is nobody should use Audacity to just cut a chunk of sound in mp3 tracks as I read in the Wiki. When Audacity re-encode the tracks in mp3 it make the mp3 lose some of its quality so they suggest using mp3DirectCut for simple tasks like cut, copy, etc on mp3 files.

  48. Stella

    What I don’t really get: Even on Holosync’s first Awakening Prologue there are already theta- and delta inducing binaural beats involved (e.g. in The Dive and Immersion).

    If I understand it correctly, Holosync lowers the carrier frequencies for the binaural beats on the higher levels, because your brain gets used to them over time and needs a new stimulus. But there are always all types of brainwaves involved. I noticed this getting-used-to-it effect with the Awakening Prologue and now I’m wondering if I should buy Level 2 or safe some money and go for some cheaper product like The Meditation Program.

    But I’m sceptical. If the Meditation Program just has theta and delta on the higher levels (and then leaves you alone with that), I wonder what to go for if your brain gets used to that.

    What do you think?

  49. Paul

    This is literally a goldmine of information on the Centerpointe Holosync meditation program. I have not experienced anything dramatic occur from any one session but over the years I can feel the changes. The awareness to my thought process are no longer annoying as they once were and I have a much more optimistic and positive approach to life.

  50. barbara

    Hi Trev

    I have been using the meditation program for a couple of months. I am going slower than the one week per level suggested program for various reasons. The main reason is that I find my mind to be in a bit of turmoil. I think it is because maybe my unconscious is reluctant to change. Have you experienced something like this or heard of anyone that has? I also, like you mention, am remembering almost all my dreams, sometimes up to four different ones per night (I also do silva ultramind, and program to remember dreams to solve problems). Also, when I listen to the program last thing at night I wake up feeling restless, not exactly anxious, but with something i guess I could call a weird gut feeling… Oh, I am currently listening to levels 3 & 4 (for one hour total time)…. Any imput from you (or anyone else reading this) would be much appreciated!

  51. Sam

    Hi Trev
    great post, I was using centerpointe for a year but stopped, i never did get the true benefits, I found that the overwhelm was to agonising the daily awareness of my thoughts and feelings drove me nuts and couldn’t push through it, i felt i was the only one that couldn’t get it. it was weird i was always mad at my thoughts and very snappy, did you find this with either and did it pass?

  52. Michael Taylor

    Hi and thanks for the info on meditation program, hadn’t heard of it before. I’m using Holosync, just started on my 10th week. I’ve had so many beneficial enlightenments that i’m hooked on the program. Seriously folks it has brought up from my psyche or subconscious many happenings from my past which have carried with them an awareness/understanding of myself and the ability to move on away from the past. So for me i’m staying with Holosync, if i’m still improving in 5yrs time, i’ll have reached sainthood!! Love to all, Michael

  53. jim

    Have listened to the meditation program on 2 consecutive days and so far I like it. Have the first level of Holosync which I was 2-3 weeks into, and having bought it would like to continue listening to it alongside the meditation program. Any idea why they recommend NOT using both at the same time?

  54. Dr. Charles

    It’s been a few months since this thread ended, so I am curious where people are. Trev, you are probably long done with your Meditation program!

    I am currently at about the same point that you were, at 2 Years of Centerpointe Holosync, Level 4. The Holosync program from Level 4 to level 12 actually one year per level (as opposed to six months for per the first three). So your claim that you/we are “in the middle” or “midway” is quite incorrect. To be exact, time-wise, you did only 1/5 of the program – 2 years out of 10.

    I am personally very suspicious of any magic bullet for meditation. Real gains in meditation are to be gotten gradually, even with the aid of some kind of technology. Just sticking some headphones with some noises for an hour a day does not change us. There are many others things we have to do to change. At best, any such CD is an aid.

    Subjective blissful feelings and fireworks are not the judge of whether an entrainment CD “works.” I see a lot of immaturity on these forums/blogs around these issues. If you want a rush or a boom like drugs, well, you are probably going to bound to be searching for the “newest bestest greatest” CD that can give you a little high, just like any drug addict. Meditation without these CD’s can easily give you that – for free. And that is why meditation teachers have always been against this kind of thrill-seeking or attachment to experiences in meditation. To Centerpointe’s credit, in the support materials and in the free coaching (which I rarely hear about on these forums, I begin to think that most are burning the MP3s for free off the internet, already karmically a bad move to try to steal your enlightenment), they tell you to be unattached to your subjective experience.

    One cannot judge whether one is going “deeper” purely through subjective experience. The only way that one could really tell how your brain is reacting is through neural-biofeedback. No reviewers that I have read have done this, that is, seen what is actually happening to their brainwaves. They just say, “I’m impatient” and go to another program, they get a different buzz experience, and say that’s “better.” Never mind that they have been using one or more other programs, and they have no idea what the effect of the previous has had on the experience on the current. It is not like they are going in “cold” to the new program, so on that count alone, they are a bad judge. But they also have no sense through objective scientific knowledge of what is happening in their brain. I read somewhere that some people use a program to make their own entrainment CD’s. They are not scientists, and they are not sound engineers. Who the hell knows what all of those stimuli are actually doing to their heads??? They could be really screwing themselves up.

    What is see lacking from all of these companies is solid research that entrainment works long-term. Testimonials from users alone do not count. But I would suspect, in line with the great spiritual traditions, that if this binaural entrainment really does anything, it works with a longer-term program. There is no 8 week “zap-zap” and your life is transformed. The changes in your brain patterns take a long time to mix and work in with all the other parts of us. We need other conscious practices for the shifts to work through ourselves, to become less ego-centric, more wise and compassionate, and more “effective” in other ways.

    I do not like Centerpointe Holosync’s over-marketing, and I am no big fan of Bill Harris. But, overall, it’s approach makes more sense to me than many of these others that make the same exorbinant claims in a few weeks. If you do the math, the expense is all on the front end. One you get to Level 4, with the promotional discounts, you are actually paying about $200 for a full year or meditation. Compare that to $85-$125 for 8 weeks, and then you are “done,” whatever that means. No doubt, thrill seekers will have spent hundreds more afterward trying other programs.

    Thanks to Holosync, I am far more consistent with my meditation, and it has enhance the other practices I do that help me change. I put my own paraliminal track with mantras that are appropriate for me. Others report that I am certainly more even-keeled and compassionate, but I attribute that to the work I am doing overall. But it is only the beginning of a long-term process.

  55. Manish

    Hi Trev,
    Along with the holosync program, there were other brain enhancing items for sale and one of them being Brainboost (If I remember correctly) medication for enhancing the brain power. Have you tried it and if so seen any improvement over time? The cost os substancial and i am not sure if we can get something similar for a bargain price elsewhere.
    Best Regards,

  56. trev

    Hi Manish,

    Not heard of Brainboost (sorry). Brain Evolution System comes with tablets (called Acuity) but not tried them personally so can’t say for sure.


  57. John Egan

    I’m about to finish Awakening Level 4 and considering moving on to the Purification levels. Very pricey all this! Can you all tell me the difference between Awakening and Purification in terms of frequencies used?

    Thank you.


  58. trev

    Hi John

    Not sure specifically but the carrier frequencies get lower and more powerful the deeper you go into the Centerpointe levels. Their help desk should be able to give you more details.


  59. phillip

    thank you so much for putting out this information. it’s exactly the kind of material for which i’ve been lookng. i’ve been meditating for years; used different cds dedicated to the various brain waves. really wanting to focus on theta, but i’m looking for a deeper connection than i’ve found. your info will help immensely.


  60. Earl

    I began meditating in 1993 and did not start using binaural sound technology until 2006. Binaural sound technology greatly expanded and deepened my meditation program. I began with the Insight program and quickly moved to Holosync. I also spent a week at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in their Gateway retreat program. TMI is the granddaddy of this technology and is a bona fide 501c3 research organization, without all of the glitz and slickness of Centerpointe. In fact, Bill Harris is one of the TMI graduates and formulated his Holosync program from TMI technology. They offer a huge range of binaural cds. Unfortunately they have no graduated meditation program similar to Holosync and their primary focus is OOB experience and remote viewing. It is unfortunate that TMI has chosen not to enter the meditation market.

    I am now about halfway through Purification Level I of Holosync. Despite the slick marketing of Bill Harris, I must admit that Holosync is still the best product on the market. I agree with Dr. Charles that meditation is a spiritual process and the beneficial effects build up slowly over time. I am suspect of any “quick fix” formulas to anything of value such as serenity, peace of mind and joy. I believe that such states of being result from many factors including knowledge of self, humility and service to others. Meditation, over time, can assist with knowledge of self.

    I have tried one other program out of Australia called Perfect Meditation. It is structured very similar to Holosync and it might be a little more powerful because it contains no music or nature sound. It is pure Tibetan chanting. My understanding is that binaural beats are somewhat weakened by music and nature sounds.

    At present I am using both Holosync and Perfect Meditation, alternating each week. The brainwave levels are the same for each. Holosync Purification I corresponds to Perfect Meditation Level 6. I occasionally use something from TMI or Brainwave-Sync (great website for individual cds) for variety. At some point I may try The Meditation Program for variety, but my steady process will remain on Holosync and Perfect Meditation. If I had to choose between the two I would choose Holosync. The Tibetan chanting does not wear well for me. I appreciated everybody’s comments and would welcome any feedback on this post. Earl

  61. best meditation

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Meditation can really beneficial to the overall well-being of a person

  62. Chandra

    Thanks for this wonderful discussion. I’m in the market for a meditation program. I’ve ordered a trial Holosync program and am also looking at Sylva’s. I’ve been meditating for years, but I have reached a plateau and not progressing further. The comments here will help in deciding.

  63. claytrell

    Dr. Charles is right on the money. I am coming up on six years of meditating and I am on Level 3 CD 1 of Flowering. I still have 7 more CD’s to go which I figure might take another year. Benefits too numerous to list… You people who are looking for something ‘quick’ are the ones who most need the Holosync. Just the idea that you are worried about what level you are at shows your misunderstandings. It has nothing to do with levels. If you are a true meditator then you meditate daily the rest of your life, and levels have nothing to do with it… there is no ‘completion’ no matter which one you use. You have already been lost for inumerable lifetimes, the idea that you are suddenly in a hurry to gain elightenment is what makes the Buddha laugh. My own personal experience has been amazing. But I will tell you right now, if you are using Centerpoint with the intent of financial or material gain then stop right now. This is about being happy with what you have and abundance is not truly abundance unless it is shared. I read every one of your posts and 90% of you are concerned with all the wrong ideas… The longest journey begins with a single step. For my own part: I have always had incredibly vivid dreams and suffered from night terrors when I was young and nightmares as an adult. I am now after almost six years of nearly daily use waking to remember every detail of my dreams including every detail of my thoughtstream while in the dream. I sometimes become confused in my dreams by the weirdness and non-linear reality and I feel I am just on the cusp of lucid dreaming. I have had maybe 3 lucid dreams in my entire life and always awoken as soon as I had realized it (I am 44). Now I am incredibly lucid in my dreams and feel that I am just on the cusp of a huge breakthrough. Centerpoint Holosync has been worth every penny and hour that I have spent over these years. It is important to also to a ‘ritual meditation’ that need be only 10, 20 or 30 minutes as well. Find some sort of simple ritual to use as a trigger and eventually you will only need this simple ritual to trigger a deep meditative state. Your mind is a monkey. Train the monkey.

  64. Xenia

    Hi all
    Great feedback. I have ordered my first round of Holosync. I have mild anxiety at times. I am concerned about the ‘overwhelm’ and that it may worsen my anxiety. Should I perhaps use it every other day or use it for less than an hour a day?

  65. trev

    Hi Xenia

    Start gently, so half an hour either each day or every other day would be the route I’d take.


  66. James

    Hi Trev,

    I’ve been using hs for 4 years now, I’ve still got several months to finish with the a4, that leaves me with 8 more levels and at least 8 more years to go, yes my progression has been slower as the instructions tell, and though I’d like to advance fast track I am taking all the time I need to integrate each level.

    In a way I understand what folks mean when they say that hs is outdated, which of course doesn’t mean that I would agree with them! I gave the meditation program a listen, and I can tell there are monoural beats integrated, also the binaural signal is not clearly audible, which would mean it’s embedded in the ambient sound itself. As far as I could tell from the sample they are not using isochronics in their tracks.

    So a couple of comments on the different technologies: binaurals are great to listen to, be separated from ambient sound or embedded. Monourals are okay, but not as nice. And isochronics are a real pain in the ass: go and have a listen of the sample of the profound meditation program, I can’t sit with that stuff, really! It’s the isochronics that kills it all!

    So this discussion about “outdated” is a bit a double edged sword, cause what’s the use of “cutting edge” if you can’t sit with it?

    I never get tired from listening to hs (with exception of the times I have harsh bodily reactions of course, my resistance showing).

    About the topic of meditation: Trev, you’ve mentioned that you’re for a fast solution and hence prefer meditation program over hs, and though I understand that (I wish I’d progress faster with hs) I have to say several things about this very point.

    – subjective judgement in comparing the effectiveness of these technologies is useless, unless you have some accurate EEG equipment you really can’t sort this stuff out
    – the two programs do different brainwave patterns at different carriers–hence they are very different–several months vs ten or more years of practice will give VERY DIFFERENT results (as much as I can like a fast solution–there really isn’t in this field!)
    – I’ve spoken with people that have done all sorts of entrainment, especially with isochronics, cause they say that the entrainment provided by these tones is stronger than the one provided by binaurals (and while that is true–one of the very same people that was advocating this approach–he mostly plays around with beta, alpha and gamma sessions–has had a total breakdown and was hospitalized with pills–I’m talking about a guy that’s done far more brainwave entrainment than myself, over many years)

    In my opinion, if you’re talking about meditation, and becoming more aware–which is the ultimate cause for happiness, the deep delta approach works best.

    To Xenia: don’t worry about your anxiety, I’d say just go with the hs as per the instructions (keep in mind that the use causes also pleasurable neuro-chemicals to be released), if it becomes too much you can always back off. I’m saying this from the perspective of one that’s done hs 3 hours per day for weeks at a time, until I’ve had meltdown! I’ve managed to do up to 6 hours of hs in one day (I don’t recommend it–though it certainly didn’t kill me) now I do 2 hours every day, occasionally I do a third session. I’ve noticed that doing the immersion twice after the dive in a session–i.e. doing 90 minute sessions, puts more stress on me than just doing several 60 minute sessions, by the way: I’ve just done a 90 minute meditation this morning, I still feel it, kind of gives me that baked feeling in the head, ha ha.

    To Claytrell: yeah, takes time to realize things sometimes, you’re changing all the time, but it only clicks now and then, but most of the time you feel like nothing’s happening, which of course is not true.

    To Dr. Charles: agreed on the being suspicious of magic bullet solutions, meditation is a long term process, and trust me: it is hs that facilitates the changes in you, it’s not your effort. I know other folks that are using it, and they claim that their effort is doing the changes, when in reality it’s the increased awareness caused by the hs mediation that allows for that (i.e. I’m not saying that the effort isn’t coming from themselves–but rather that without hs they couldn’t do the leaps in the way they do).

    Enough said, Cheers to you all, and keep Meditating! James

  67. Janie

    Hello All,
    I am considering the use of binaural cd’s to assist my meditation…I’m also on An antidepressant Bupropn. Would the meds interfear or interface with the meditation CDs ( Holosync or Perfect Meditation).
    Thanks inadvance for your opinions

  68. trev

    Hi Janie,
    I’m not a doctor but I can’t see why they should interfere. That said, it would be worth asking your doctor just in case.

  69. Josh

    I just came across this website because I was interested in what other Centerpointe users were saying about the program. I really enjoyed reading what everyone wrote. It has inspired me to keep on with the program.

    I’ve been on the program for about 4 years now and the changes in my life have been amazing but also difficult at times. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of what we’re comfortable with, even when it’s destructive to our lives. I recently cut way back on the program because I am going through a very stressful time in my life. However, after reading through this forum, I am ready to get back on the train.

    I love Claytrell’s comment about being happy with what you have. I could not agree more, though at times I still fail to fulfill that viewpoint. I am a very goal oriented person and often miss the moment by striving to get to my arrival point. The program has really helped me with this and I presume it will continue to do so. Do you have any pointers for truly being happy with everything life shows you?

    Also, have any of you taken Bill Harris’ PIP (Principles Integration Process) course? I have been thinking about doing it for some time now. Any comments on the program?

    Thanks again for the great words on this forum. Keep the love and light shining bright.

  70. me

    Hey Trev, nice review of tmp. I have a question tho, heard about sleep programming. is also from Hale Carlton. I wonder which is better ?

    And by the way, by looking at the comments, holosync seems to be the favorite amongst all, so is there anything better than holosync?

  71. trev

    I’ve not taken the PIP course so can’t comment on that

    Sleep programming isn’t the same thing as the Meditation Program. It aims to program your mind while you sleep rather than take you down into a meditative state.
    My personal preference is Meditation Program – I still listen to it most days.

  72. Duffy Sinclair

    I have some experience with neurofeedback and what I’ve found is that it’s brain flexibility that’s the key to brain health and well-being. I’m using LifeFlow, which has a similar strategy to the Meditation Program, and this keeps my brain constantly challenged, since a new deeper level is introduced every 30 days or so. The key to any truly successful program like these is to avoid habituation by keeping things changing, so the brain is not only challenged, but further challenged by the unexpected. Holosync and programs like it initially start out great, but after you start to habituate to the stimulation your brain loses flexibility and stress increases (this is what Bill calls overwhelm?).

    I’ve never tried Meditation Program, but I like the idea of a program that keeps you constantly challenged by changing frequencies weekly. The goal is not necessarily to see how low you can get (delta frequencies for example), but rather just keeping your mind challenged by mixing it up. Therefore, when you “finish” the program and have reached the lowest delta state it won’t hurt to jump to a low alpha or theta, since this will be reintroducing your brain to a frequency it hasn’t experienced in awhile. It’s kind of like that exercise program, P90X, and what the inventor/instructor calls, “muscle confusion.”

    I think I’m going to give Meditation Program a shot since Trev is offering a great price break by ordering it from his site.

  73. Michelle

    I just took a look at the Meditation Program’s web site. They use the *exact* verbage as the Centerpoint web site in several places. This makes me very skeptical, and makes me feel somewhat like I’m being duped, to be honest. Not sure if I’ll buy either one of the programs. Has anyone here tried the Silva Method? Thanks!

  74. trev

    Michelle: both programs are based on binaural beats so there’s bound to be some crossover in the words used. I personally use Meditation Program on a near-enough daily basis.

    Silva Method is a different approach entirely – it’s aimed at getting your mind to improve your mental processes. It’s more of a Nightingale Conant style audio program.

  75. Charlie

    Good discussion; thanks to everyone. I think Centerpointe is very good; I got to level 4 but stopped because of the cost. How much does a CD really cost to produce; these guys are very good marketers. It is not easy to find out what the total cost is until they get the hook set. I’m using Meditation Program now and finding them just fine.

  76. Willie Wonkers

    I’ve tried Holosync. In fact, I tried it back when they still used cassettes and when you called the support line they put you through to Bill Harris. Now I doubt Bill is ever around.

    Anyway, I made it just to Awakening Level I and had to stop from the excessive overwhelm. Years later I’ve found LifeFlow, which is a program similar to Meditation Program. You start at LifeFlow 10 (10 hertz) and go down to LifeFlow 1 (it’s either 1 hertz or .5 hertz). The idea is to use each level for a minimum of 30 days or whenever you feel as though you’re ready to move on. I was not expecting LifeFlow 10 to be that great of a mediation, but surprisingly it was very intense and the technology used seemed far superior. LifeFlow uses binaural, monaural and isochronic tones all at once. There is also the unique technique of using the desired frequency throughout the duration of each level. In other words, when using LifeFlow for example, with a 4 hz. target, you don’t start at 10hz alpha and move to 4hz theta. You start at 4hz from the outset and your brain eventually locks in on the 4hz, which takes roughly 8 minutes. This method I find is extremely powerful and much better than Holosync. Other advantages are that it’s gentler on the brain, causing no overwhelm or stress, like Holosync, and the music changes with each succeeding level.

    LifeFlow is a bit expensive, about $60 per level, but it is hands down better than Holosync.

  77. John

    Sorry, but this all sounds a little like scientology to me. I sent for the promo only because it was touted by Daniel Amen, M.D., who I respected from his books and other materials dealing with serious brain studies. However, upon listening to the promo CD full of marketing hype and then doing a search for objective information I discovered this blog and learned about the whole system of “levels” with continuing costs for the rest of your life. This is a pure profit-driven business enterprise and, as I said, reminds me way too much of Scientology. It doesn’t cost a cent to meditate, folks. Find a Buddhist group nearby and ask how.

  78. trev

    Centerpointe has lots of levels – so do the other systems out there – because your brain doesn’t adjust to this immediately.

    It’s not a cult. And of course it’s a business just like almost everything else in life.

    Joining a local group is definitely another option but personally I like to play myself the Meditation Program track last thing at night to help me get ready for a good night’s sleep.

  79. Jack

    Hi Trev – just wondered if you had an opinion on the OmHarmonic program? The sample is awesome. Jack

  80. trev

    Hi Jack

    Not tried that one, sorry.

    Personally, I’m still using Meditation Program – a mixture of habit and liking it!


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