Guru Bypass Review

If you’ve been online for a while, you’ll have come across numerous systems promising that you can make your fortune without spending any money, you’ve maybe even come across Guru Bypass.

I’m not sure exactly what caused me to buy the Guru Bypass system – most likely it was the case studies (you can get your copy of these at the end of this page in exchange for your email address).

Anyway, whatever the exact reason, I’m glad I did…

I like systems that run on near enough auto pilot. Probably because I get easily distracted.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the claims of Guru Bypass:

It can be started with little or no cash

True. Apart from the cost of the report, there’s no other expenditure necessary. You do need to download one piece of software but it’s free and there is a good explanation of how to use it in both in the main report and the tutorial videos.

You will see results within hours

I’ve heard that one before. So I was pleasantly surprised when I started seeing results within 2 hours of purchase. That time includes reading the report through from start to finish without clicking links in it apart from a very few that you’re told to click on (as recommended).

It doesn’t involve pay per click adverts

If you’re fed up with the hype of some other products that tell you how they earned hundreds of thousands of dollars on Clickbank but quietly ignore the equally giant wads of cash they spent of PPC to reach their earnings, this is a refreshing change. You won’t be going anywhere near your Adwords account.

It’s not forum marketing, Web 2 marketing, question answering, etc

Again, all true. Nothing to type here. There are a few sites that you need to register with but they don’t require much more than a user name, an email address and a password. Standard registration stuff.

It definitely doesn’t involve social bookmarking or Twittering either, which was a relief.

So what is it?

I can’t really say much about that without giving away the system. Sorry.

But chances are that you haven’t come across it in forums or elsewhere. I’ve got more internet marketing products than my wallet would like me to have and I read quite a few forums and I’d only come across this once before.

Guru Bypass is probably the only system I’ve come across that really does cost nothing to operate. You can progress to a website of your own at your own pace, if you want to. Or you can stay at the basic level and make money. Your choice.

Once you’ve downloaded the one piece of software you’ll need and joined a handful of sites, the only other thing you’ll need is time.

Depending on your approach, it will take anything from a few minutes upwards per product you want to promote.

The niches you choose to promote can be anything you want. You don’t need experience in them.


One of the few internet marketing products I’ve bought that actually lives up to the hype.

Very easy to get up and running.

Very low cost.

If you do anything at all with the system then you’re almost certain to make some money from it.

Click here to get the Guru Bypass system.

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  1. Anna

    Hi Trev

    Thanks for a very useful revue of Guru Bypass product, as I couldn’t get any information from the Warrior Forum.
    I am definetly interested in buying it.
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