Free Reports

A few links to some free reports on various internet marketing and other topics.

Almost all of them come with free giveaway/resell rights. So you are welcome to give them away as a bonus, give them to friends/newsletter subscribers, include them in packages of ebooks or sell them unless otherwise stated.

Free Weekly Business Growth Tips: easy to follow one-page tip sheets sent at weekly intervals to help grow your business.

Quick Guide to Finding Profitable Keywords: short report that helps you find profitable keywords to target.

John Cow’s Building A Business: I didn’t write this one. It’s from John Cow and is an excellent report covering about 130 easy to read pages on building your online business. Much better than a lot of reports I’ve paid money for.

Daily Inspirational Quotes: not strictly a free report, just a service that sends an inspirational quote direct to your inbox each day. Good, uplifting stuff.

Law of Attraction:  Discover how to manifest money and other good things into your life. Even if other methods haven’t worked for you.

Need to Know: I didn’t write this one. It’s from Paul Myers and is over a hundred pages long, stuffed full of useful information. If you’re involved in any form of internet marketing, grab it now and set aside some time to read it and take action on what you read.

SEO Web Site Secrets: get your site to the top of the search engines by using the down-to-earth information here.

Hypnosis Secrets Tricks: this covers lots of things about hypnosis and is a good introduction to the subject.

How to earn money with blogs: free video series taking you through setting up blogs and how to earn money from blogs.

Easy Meditation (you can also rebrand this book at earn money from products in it. Rebrandable version here.)

Internet Cash Machines

Protect yourself from Adware and Spyware

Internet Wealth Secrets

Profiting from AdWords

Squeeze/Landing Pages

Link Building Made Easy