Building An Ebook Empire Review

Building an Ebook Empire is a book by a writer called Tiffany Dow.

Until recently, Tiffany has been a ghost writer for many internet gurus. Until she decided that there was more money available by not being a writer who got paid once.

The book is no-nonsense and full of lots of tips and tricks. It doesn’t concentrate too much on how to write – the bonus book takes care of that. But then (relatively speaking) writing the product is the easy part. Especially if you hire in a ghost writer.

The biggest challenge with ebooks is promoting them. Go to Clickbank or eBay and you’ll see how many ebooks are in the market.

Tiffany covers promotion of your ebook, as well as the original keyword selection, in depth. Get either of these wrong and you’ve pretty much wasted your time. Get them right and you’ve got commissions flowing to you.

You could apply the tips and tricks in Building an Ebook Empire to your own work or to one of the many private label ebooks out there. Tiffany goes through the sales letter in depth – applying this to a PLR ebook could easily be the difference between making next to zero sales and selling a steady stream.

All in all, this is a good ebook. It’s practical, informative and, given Tiffany’s background, very close to having a private audience with some of the better known internet gurus as well.

Check out Building an Ebook Empire here.