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Lazy Git Marketing Review

Lazy Git marketing – what is it? OK, if you’re not from the UK then before you read on, you might want to know what “lazy git” means. Essentially it’s someone who does as little effort as possible for the (usually monetary) return they get back.

In this case, we’re talking about setting up basic web sites quickly and making money out of them whether or not they get traffic.

Lazy git marketingWhich sounds too good to be true. After all, surely a site needs traffic before it can use methods like Adsense to earn money from visitors?

Not if you follow the methods described in this report…

Lazy Git Marketing is simple. You could set up a site from scratch using one of several different methods shown in about an hour.

But it’s not overnight riches. Once you’ve set the site up, you need to leave it alone. In much the same way as you wouldn’t expect a bottle of wine to be ready to drink the moment the grapes had been pressed.

That’s fine. It’s less than $10 a year to register a domain, so it’s unlikely to break the bank if you have to hold onto it for a few months until it can earn you money. Heck, if you’re like me, you’ve probably got several domains that have been gathering digital dust for longer than you’d care to admit, so having a few domains with content that stand to make you cash in the not too distant future is a bonus anyway.

If you’re impatient, the report will give you a couple of ways of getting sites that will start earning you money sooner. Or you may already have some domains lurking in your portfolio that this method could be applied to.

Lazy Git Marketing comes with a series of videos that explain each of the steps visually, which I found to be a help in a couple of instances.

There’s also a forum which is reasonably active and the author of the report responds quickly and helpfully to questions.

Check out Lazy Git Marketing. It makes a pleasant change from the “earn a fortune in the next 24 hours” kind of reports. This method is real world and is likely to remain so for some time to come.

Click here to find out more about Lazy Git Marketing.