Subliminal Studio Review

If you want to listen to subliminal recordings, you have two main options (Subliminal Studio covers the second of these):

Whilst you can find out online what you need to do, Subliminal Studio is a shortcut and provides all the tools you need in one convenient set.

What’s in Subliminal Studio?Subliminal Studio

I’ve had a copy of Subliminal Studio for quite a few years now and have found it a quick and easy way to create custom subliminal recordings. It gives you complete control over what goes into your recordings.

One of the worries people have about prerecorded subliminal CDs is finding out exactly what is in the messages. You need to make sure that you buy from a reputable subliminal CD supplier so that you’re only getting the messages you expect.

So why would you make your own subliminal recordings?

  • Complete control over the messages
  • Your own choice of background music
  • Your own choice of “extras” such as silent subliminals, binaural beats, etc
  • You can sell or give them away to others

Subliminal Studio takes you through the creation and recording process step by step.

You get a 30 day trial version of Adobe Audition software. If you want to continue using it after the trial, you’ll need to purchase the full copy from somewhere like Amazon. Or you can do like I did when my trial ran out and download Audacity, which is a free audio software and does most of the things Audition without the hefty price tag.

Whilst the software is good, it wasn’t my main reason for buying the package.

You’ll also get royalty free relaxation music (3 hours of it in the standard edition), royalty free natural sounds, pre-recorded binaural beats, 20 pre-recorded subliminal scripts that you can use straight away or as models for your own scripts.

You’ll also get a script that runs in Adobe audition and allows you to create your own “silent subliminals”. These are the weird subliminals used by programs such as Centerpointe Holosync that are totally silent when you listen to them but are heard directly by your subconscious mind as though they were being spoken directly to you. It’s a cool technology and makes Adobe Audition seem very tempting (plus you get 30 days to play with it anyway).

You also get a software program called MindSync which lets you produce your own binaural beats quickly and easily, including a binaural beats frequency chart so that you can aim your beats at exactly the spot you want to reach.

It’s not mentioned on the main page (although the page you reach when you click the ‘order’ button tells you) but there is an inexpensive upgrade option. I went for this because it gives you an extra bunch of pre-recorded music, more binaural beats, more nature sounds plus a much bigger collection of subliminal scripts (almost 90 in total). And a bunch of hypnosis sessions that you can use together with your subliminal recordings.

So if you’re looking to record your own subliminals, get hold of Subliminal Studio. It’s a great value package and will allow you to create your own subliminal recordings for your own use or to sell on to others.

Click here to get a copy of Subliminal Studio.

18 thoughts on “Subliminal Studio Review

  1. Becky

    Hi Trev,

    I just came across your site tonight and am enjoying it very much. After reading this review, I went to the website hoping to order it only to find I have to have a Windows pc. I’m happy to say I’m a mac girl. =D I created a “New Mindset” track using Garage Band on my mac but wish it was subliminal because I’m under the impression that that’s a more effective method of transforming my thinking…Any ideas on how I can make my own subliminal recordings with something that is mac compatible?



  2. trev

    Hi Becky

    It would be worth checking with their support people. The MP3s should work fine on a Mac and the PDF should open up (but double check – they often turn PDFs into a Windows file for protection but usually offer them as normal PDFs for Mac users).

    The trial software won’t be Mac but you can get a program like Audacity which does most of the same things. The only thing I haven’t been able to do with Audacity on a PC is the silent subliminals.


    P.S. Congrats on creating your own track already!

  3. jerome

    I have had subliminal studio (along with the upgrade) for several years now. The silent subliminal function for audacity is a plugin that you can download. That was the very first plugin for audacity that I downloaded. As a matter of fact there is a plugin to create binaural beats directly on audacity as well! I use text to speech to convert affirmations that I have created or found when I dont feel like recording my own voice. I learned so much from making my own subliminals and I feel they work so much better!


  4. Brigette


    Like Becky I came across your site. I find your posting very helpful but I too am a mac girl. I did as you suggested and sent their tech support an inquiry…am waiting to hear back…

    Any new suggestions since the last posting?

    Thank you,


  5. tania dalton

    Hi Trev,

    I just purchased the subliminal studio package – I also have a Mac and am not that computer savvy, also, i am on a super slow dialup, and can’t actually download the crucial software to make it work. I would have appreciated suggestions in the spiel not to purchase if you have a slow internet connection. I live rurally in NZ and can’t get a fast internet connection. To download the Audition would take 3 days+ as long as my computer doesn’t turn off! What is the link for the free audacity download. I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to figure the package and make it fit with my mac, my lack of computer skills and major slow download – do you think the situation is hopeless, and perhaps I should get a refund. I’ve struggled for days with it, going back and forth to the help desk ,and they have been helpful, but I don’t think they understand what a slow internet connection really means. HHHEEEELLLLPPP!!!!

  6. trev

    Hi Tania

    Audacity download is at:

    It’s a long time since I’ve been on dialup but I do remember it (fortunately, that was a time when the rest of the internet was also on dialup and therefore files weren’t as big) but it’s easy to think that everyone has the same speed connection and it’s scary how fast you get used to it.

    Another “workaround” since you’re on the other side of the world from me might be if you know someone in a city with a better internet connection (friends, relatives, old school friends) who might help with the download.

    Hope that helps!


  7. Nathan

    I’ve been using Subliminal Studio for about two months now and am enjoying the package. I am particularly interested in trying to make silent subliminals thru the use of Audacity (if it is possible) and a Google search led me to this page and Jerome’s post. I was wondering if Jerome or somebody else could tell me which Audacity plug-in might be used for this purpose? When I searched the Audacity website, I did find the binaural beat plug-in mentioned but not the one for subliminal audio function. Thank you, Nathan.

  8. Rog

    I’m most curious to know if this stuff works and if so, how long did it take? What, if it is known, are the limitations of using subliminals?

  9. trev

    Hi Rog

    A lot depends on how often you listen to the tracks – most places recommend listening to a track most days for a couple of weeks for the changes to start to happen.

    A friend who used this system to create his own personal subliminals says his results were even quicker – just a few days.


  10. Rog

    Thanks Trev,
    Good to hear. There are quite a few “systems” to pick and choose from – would be great if those who have tried various ones would share their experiences. I’d like to get into this as soon as I can, but don’t want to get the “wrong” one and get discouraged (and broke! hahaha).


  11. trev

    Hi Rog

    For personalised tracks Subliminal Studio is great – the instructions are clear and there are pre-recorded affirmations that you can use to get you off to a quick start.

    Or Subliminal CDs has over a hundred ready recorded tracks if you don’t want to go down the d-i-y route.

    I’ve used both but, being lazy, often prefer the ready made ones.


  12. Daniel

    Really good article, Thank you.
    I tried subliminal cds and mp3s and I have to say It’s working.
    After 3 weeks I feel great! My thoughts and mind is very positive.

  13. trev


    The great thing about Subliminal Studio is that you’re totally in charge of the messages so if you want to mix in NLP to the suggestions, you’re easily able to do so.


  14. c

    Hi Trev,
    I read some articles talking about how mp3 format tend to degrade the quality of subliminal audios, but I do want to listen to it as often as possbile, mostly on ipod, itune, or iphone, I don’t have CD player, any thoughts?
    Thank you.

  15. trev

    I’m not technical on the audio side of things but I know that you can set compression to different levels on MP3s. The more the compression, the more degradation. So if you get a choice, go as close to zero compression as you can.

    Hope that makes sense!

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