Sedona Method review

The Sedona method is really simple. Maybe too simple, that’s why it takes quite a few listenings before our mind comes to terms with the ideas contained in it.

The Sedona technique was devised by a man called Lester Levenson. At the age of 42, his doctors sent him home to die. But he decided that he’d rather not take their advice! So within 3 months he completely recovered and lived for another 40, happy, years.

What you’ll learn with the Sedona method is how to do the same with your life.

A number of years ago, I went on a 2 day course locally to learn the technique. But far and away the easiest way to apply it is to get the CD course, listen to it and work through the example exercises.

The Sedona method has personally helped me with my goal setting – I used the technique to visualize my current house. I set a deadline of 6 months and then promptly forgot about it (that’s the way I work quite a lot of the time, I get distracted). Anyway, the upshot of it was that within that 6 month time line, I’d moved into my new house, which was exactly as I’d described.

Other people I know have used the Sedona method to become completely relaxed and grounded.

In a nutshell, with the Sedona method, you’re asking yourself a series of 3 questions: “Would I”, “Could I”, “When”. Each answer should either be “Yes” or “No”. Apart from that, there are no right or wrong answers! And because it’s so simple, your conscious mind kicks in and says “That can’t be right. Nothing can be that simple!”. So we need a CD set or seminar to get the idea into our minds that it really is that simple!

The logic behind the Sedona method is that we do one of three things with our feelings:

  1. Suppress them, bottle them up, let our stomach tie itself in knots
  2. Express them, get angry – usually with someone else
  3. Let them drift away

The first option does us no good and is why we attract dis-ease.

The second option usually does us some good but it isn’t much fun to be on the receiving end of.

The third option is the best all round.

Take a pen in your hand – we’ll use this as a simple analogy for feelings.

Grip the pen tighter and tighter. It hurts, doesn’t it?

Then open your hand and let the pen roll around. It does that quite happily!

Now turn your hand over and hear the satisfying thud as the pen hits the floor.

You can do exactly the same with your feelings. For feelings, read anything from apathy, grief, jealousy, anger, pride, through to courageousness or peace… Anything from the driver who’s just cut you up to the satisfaction of getting your latest project out perfectly.

And that’s the Sedona method.

12 thoughts on “Sedona Method review

  1. elaine

    This looks so promising, but I’m put off by the advertising. I had expected to actually get a free CD. As usual, it is connected to a purchase after I’m sucked in. I’m disappointed as this looks like so many other marketing sites on the web. Disappointed, very.

  2. trev

    Hi Elaine

    The free CD does have a shipping charge but that’s fairly standard – the Post Office don’t mail things for free.

    Don’t let that put you off trying out the Sedona method. It’s one of the simplest ways I’ve found and you really can use it “any time, any place”.


  3. Roland

    Many of these “so called” methods and self-help theories like “The Secret” are merely biblical principles that have been re-packaged into new age, psycho-mumbo jumbo. How is “releasing” any different from the aged old principle of faith? Let go…and let God!!

  4. Stephen


    I’m sure you’re right that these are old concepts repackaged. Yes, “new age” practitioners who write/talk about them should not lie and say that the concepts are brand new…but there’s nothing wrong with repackaging them so that they’re more easily understood by people nowadays. The trouble with only going to religion for self-help is that to understand ancient religious manuscripts (the Bible, the Koran) one has to understand the historical contexts, which takes a great deal of study and expertise. And self-help concepts are for everyone, religious or not!

  5. Stephen

    Furthermore, if self-help wisdom was only to be found in religious faith, and not available in a secular form, many non-religious people wouldn’t get to benefit from it. That’s more people walking around with unresolved personal issues that will affect others negatively. So, thank you, “New Age” people, for what you do. 🙂

  6. wads

    I am doing a masters in religious studies and I am a (Fundamantalist) christian I agree with both of you. Religions work so well because they are so integral to human thought and life. one of the reasons that religions are perpetuated is that they are functional, and are reinforced by beliefs and practice.

    While I believe that one can only get to God through Jesus, I think Stephen is spot on and these things should be used (in my opinion) to help make peoples lives better, regardless of whether they accept religion. The problem with new age stuff is that it is very individualistic whereas Religion helps to forge social groups rather than competition between individuals (but in saying that religion can cause competition between groups).

    Jesus said it best love your neighbour as yourself

  7. Antonia

    After years of depression and anxiety (acute recurring feelings of fear and dread) which never seemed to ease despite me trying psychiatry, psychology, medications, meditations, herbal remedies, bach flower remedies and many other supposed healing techniques and medicines, I am now feeling renewed!

    My life was constantly interrupted by my erratic emotional states. This affected everything in my life from my relationships to my career and kept me in a state of poverty, lack and particularly anger, confusion and frustration. I was introduced to EFT and the Sedona Method by my most recent counsellor. We had a very intense Sedona session yesterday.

    I FEEL FREED! I have a sense of peace and love and security I have never experienced before and a new confidence to live my chosen life – which previously was always a struggle. I am so grateful and happy today. This technique really appears to work!

  8. Klash

    Any method the helps an individual in positive and self improving ways should be placed as an option.
    Everyone learns differently sometimes the most unbelieveable can open a mind that has been so closed that air cant get in.
    So when it works that is awesome.
    And when it doesnt work then try something else keep your options and mind open.
    There is something to learn from everything and every experience.

  9. Danny Moncur

    I have never heard of the Sedona Method before but this article has got me intrigued. I am a big believer of positive-thinking and goal setting so I am greatly considering learning more about this method. Just from reading this article, it definitely makes sense and sounds really simple and applicable.

  10. James Hanratty

    ? Is it best for one to focus their awareness on the feeling while asking and
    answering these three questions?

  11. Trev Post author

    It’s enough to just get a sense of the feeling – you’ll likely feel differently each time you approach this anyway as your state will change (even slightly)

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