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Matt Clarkson’s “Secrets of Meditation, Health and Happiness” comes on 4 audio CD’s.

The first CD gives an overview of meditation. In this, Matt discusses the main reasons that meditation is beneficial. He also looks at the myth that meditation is something that takes years to master – this isn’t true and he looks at why even meditating for just a few minutes a day is easy for us to achieve and is beneficial to the way we live our lives. Matt also explodes several other myths about meditation. He gives a clear, simple explanation of meditation and the benefits of doing even a handful of minutes meditation each day.

Secrets of meditationCD 1 of Secrets of Meditation also looks at the different meditation techniques that we have available to us. He explains how we can become distracted whilst we are meditating and that distraction whilst meditating is perfectly normal and that all we do when we get distracted whilst meditating is to gradually bring our focus back to the meditation. Being distracted whilst meditating doesn’t mean we’ve failed!

On the second CD of Secrets of Meditation, Matt discusses energy levels. Our energy level changes from day to day, even minute to minute. Keeping track of your energy levels is vitally important. He then goes on to show us the easiest way to keep our energy levels. He discusses diets and other things that can help but says that breathing properly is the most important thing we can do. This is why Matt concentrates on breathing meditations – having done some of the exercises, I can confirm that by following the simple breathing meditations I’ve quickly and easily increased my energy supply. Just by doing something we all regularly do – breathing!

But there are different types of breathing. Sure, we all breathe. But there are ways that you can breathe that will help you considerably. These different techniques are discussed in detail with some simple breathing techniques that you can do to change your state quickly and easily. Matt coaches you in these different techniques – you’ll be surprised at how simple they are. He also gives you some simple techniques so that you can practice breathing exercises safely – it’s weird to think that simple breathing can cause dizziness if we’re not ready for it!

Matt then carries on with a number of techniques that you can apply to manifest good things into your life. These ideas on affirmations and making them come true are worth the price of this course alone.

CD3 of Secrets of Meditation has some guided meditations for you. After a brief introduction, you’ll get 4 different breathing meditations that you can play whenever you want.

Finally, there’s a bonus CD with some relaxing music that you can use for your meditation sessions or simply to unwind.

If you’re new to meditation or you want to find out how breathing meditation could be good for you, I highly recommend Matt’s “Secrets of Meditation, Health and Happiness“.

If you’re not sure whether or not to go for the course, why not sign up for the free meditation course, delivered to your email address. Again, it’s recommended and you’ll learn a lot without having to spend a penny unless you want to.

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24 thoughts on “Secrets of Meditation review

  1. Rise


    This is really very useful review with good summary. I have personally found that breathing exercise are very effective for mental and physical health. And if we combine it with light Yoga then it’s more than enough for a regular ‘busy’ kind of people to maintain good health.


  2. mike

    Please read my ebook about dragon meditation. You will get amazing power from universe. Millions peoples in south east asia has been trainned.

  3. Lolita

    This a great review and the free meditation course really useful. Another great site I would recommend for free meditations is They have lots of free guided meditations, with and without music, and a free 5 day meditation course.

  4. Vin Andella

    The Secret movie was an awesome example of how the law of attraction can summon the universal powers to manifest people situations and material things into your life.

    All of the presenters had compelling stories that described in detail how their lives changed once they applied the secret principals.

    I watched the movie several times only to discover the secret was never revealed nor did they explain how to actually make the law of attraction work in your favor.

    I searched for a year and finally discovered exactly how the secret law of attraction works.

    Anybody can put the principals to work for them and change their life dramatically in a short period of time.

    It’s true, they are laws and they work all the time but its your choice to make the law of attraction work for you and not against you.

  5. trev

    Ilchi: I’ve not experienced a relation between meditation and psychic phenomena. For me, meditation is a form of relaxation where I can quiet the chatter in my mind. Trevor

  6. D.P. Delellis

    Indeed , in todays hectic and high pressure world we need to take time relax and meditate.

    Meditation will help us relieve stress , clear our minds so that we can obtain better perspectives. Also meditation is good for our mental health as is exercise is good to physical health.

  7. Trevor

    @Vin, it was the weirdest thing. I just got an email from Dereck over at internetmarketing and he gave us just today a link to one of his mentors ( Dan Kennedy a world reknown writer ) and Dan was expounding about the law of attraction.

    Not sure if I can put the link here or not. Its free its not a sales link or silly affiliate link or anything like that and Dan is pretty funny.

    Anyway, Dan gets right into the law of attraction and what is wrong with the way that most of us are being taught nearly everything.

    What was common though with reading the above and watching Dan’s video is that people talk all around what this law of attraction is, I mean dance around it, talk it up, talk about it, then when you think you’re going to finally get the meat, Vin, they all do what you just did above…

    Whats up with that?

  8. trev

    Hi Trevor,

    Interesting Dan Kennedy link on several levels – the content of the video and also their variant on the traditional internet marketing name squeeze page.

    We learn fast (most people “learn” to be afraid of spiders in one short lesson) so the idea of working for fast results makes a lot of sense and fits totally with how things like NLP work.

    If you want to work fast on the Law of Attraction, you should be able to change your “vibration” or how you think about things in a few short days. If you need pointers on how to do that, check out the idea of Cosmic Ordering as it has a knack of helping things speed up quite a lot of the time.

    Even if you don’t go down the Cosmic Ordering route, check how you view things – the old glass half empty/glass half full idea. If you’re negative too often, turn it round. Don’t beat yourself up in the process, just notice you’re being negative and work out how to turn it to a positive instead. The more you do this, the more you’ll begin to think positive in the first place.


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    ou seem to be a very informed individual; my question is there a relation between meditation and so called psychic phenomena.his is great. I always do breathing exercises first thing in the morning. Makes starting my day better

  10. online cash advance

    When my alarm goes off in the morning I give myself 20 minutes to meditate a morning meditation and wow it really helps me get through my day!

  11. Mind Movies Reviews

    Nice review. Meditation kind of goes in hand with The Secret and using the Law of Attraction is something everyone should know about. Something I just found that multiplies the time it takes to get things from using the law of attraction is using Mind Movies and watching them a few times a day to help acheive great success and reach your goals!

  12. Annie B

    I’ve meditated for years using both mantra, mandala and candle techniques. I’ve also found it similar to listening to hypnosis sessions – especially using brain entrainment. But i believe that you have to go “IN” to get any kind of change!

  13. strumpfhosen

    There are many skillful methods taught in Buddhism depending on the abilities and inclinations of people, but meditation is the most important. Meditation is the best kind of prayer. It is the best kind of offering. It is also the best purification practice. Meditation is the best kind of virtuous conduct. It can reach everyone’s heart. Even persons and animals living with a mediator will benefit. So my job is to encourage you to practice meditation. One should practice with others in a group, as this will be easier.

  14. Bram Stoker

    How many time should we consume for meditation everyday? Doesn’t it have a range of time to be considered as effective?

    Bram Stoker

  15. trev

    It varies. Personally, I listen to a meditation program track most days for up to an hour. But if that’s too much to fit into your routine then adjust it – I think it’s better to do some rather than none.

  16. trev

    I don’t do yoga personally but I’d suggest talking to someone who offers local classes to find out what they suggest.

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