Ad Box Pro Review

Ad Box Professional sets out to make replacing Adsense adverts a simple process.

Cutting Google out of the advertising equation makes sense for your wallet – after all, why pay them to display adverts on your site when you can get their margin and the advertiser’s profit for yourself?
Installing Ad Box Pro is easy so long as you can cope with uploading a few files to your website and changing the “permission” on a few of those files. Any decent  FTP program will do that.

You then set up the configuration for your adverts. This is a simple, fill in the boxes, process. You tell Ad Box Pro the password you want to use, where it’s installed (it’s not clever enough to work this out, but it’s a simple cut & paste operation from the address bar of your browser), and the default colors for your adverts. If you want to, you can also put a “Powered by Ad Box Pro” link at the end of each ad block, complete with your affiliate link.

After that, you need to create at least 6 adverts before you can create the ad boxes that will be displayed on your site.

Each ad is assigned a category of your choice, so you could install Ad Box Pro on just one domain and then point to it using a different category for each site.

You then need to enter a title, advert description, the link the advert will go to (called a “sell link”) and the URL that will be displayed (called “link text” rather than something obvious like “display URL”). There’s a box above where you enter the text, so you can see what each item is. Unlike Google’s system, the box doesn’t update as you change your advert.
That’s it. Your advert is complete. Repeat the process at least 6 times and you’re ready to display an advert.

Ad Box Pro has all the standard Google advert sizes to choose from. You can use the default colors you set in your configuration or you can change them before you generate the links to copy and paste into your web site.

Each advert size has it’s own small chunk of code that you simply copy and paste into your pages.

Once you’ve done that, any new adverts in the same category are automatically placed into the advertising rotation.

The process works seamlessly.

It took me about 30 minutes to get Ad Box Pro up and running. Most of that was getting the code from Clickbank and Commission Junction.

I especially like the way that you’re not as limited as you are with, say, Google Adwords. The title can be longer than 25 characters (it looks like the maximum is 40) and the text below it doesn’t have to fit into two rows. Ad Box Pro takes care of the text wrapping. It also cuts off your advert text if you get too carried away with what you’re writing, but that doesn’t take long to get used to.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, profitable alternative to Adsense then I can recommend Ad Box Pro. I’ll be using it instead of Adsense on any new sites I develop and will gradually be changing over my older sites.

Online Meditation Music

There’s plenty of online meditation music available if you know where to look for it.

The trouble is, a lot of it is available on the various file sharing networks, so the copyright situation isn’t always as clear cut as it could be. Given that you’re looking for meditation music, it wouldn’t be good karma if you downloaded an illegal track.

So where can you get online meditation music legally?

Recently, I’ve discovered a place where for a small, one off, charge you get access to a selection of meditation, relaxation, “zoning” and other tracks. They’re in MP3 format and you can download them to burn them to your own CDs or put them on your iPod.

All the tracks are fully licensed, so you’ve no need to worry about copyright implications.

They upload tracks on a regular basis, so you’ll always have a supply of fresh meditation music to listen to.

Click here to find online meditation music.

Convert Word doc files to plain text

If you’ve ever had to convert a batch of doc (or rtf or html) files into plain old text files, you’ll know it can be a hassle so the idea of using a piece of software to convert doc to txt is definitely appealing.

convert doc to txtYou either have to open each one manually (which is fine if you only have a few to convert) or you end up searching the web for a tool that will convert doc to text.

These tools are around but they’re expensive. Most of the ones I found cost hundreds of dollars. Which wasn’t a figure I had planned on spending.

I thought I was going to have to resort to recording a macro in Word. Something I’d never had much success with to be honest.

Then I chanced on a neat little program that is designed purely to convert word documents to text files. That’s all it does in life. It doesn’t convert PDFs or spreadsheets or anything fancy. Just Word doc files, RTF files and HTML documents.

And it does it fast! My machine converted 149 files a minute. That’s faster than I could have done with a macro. And that was on my old machine. My more recent computer works even faster although I haven’t been sad enough to run another time test on it when I’ve used it to convert doc to txt. I just know it works more than fast enough for my needs.

So if you need to convert word doc files to text files, this neat little program is a “must have”.

Click here to convert doc to txt now.

Subliminal Videos Review

Subliminal messages are kind of weird, especially when they’re hidden inside subliminal videos. With computers, they flash up on your screen and then disappear before you consciously notice them.

I’ve recently discovered some subliminal videos. All you do is play them through for no more than 20 minutes a day. Watch them, listen to the soundtrack. That’s it. There are 3 videos in the set and between them they run for about 8 minutes. I play them through twice, first thing in the morning (so that I remember to do it!).

The outrageous claim is that you’ll earn an extra $5,000 a day just by doing this.

I’m not sure that I believe that, but I do believe that they’ve tweaked my consciousness to attract more money and I’ve made a little bit extra over the couple of weeks I’ve been watching them.

They come with a warning not to watch them for more than 20 minutes a day. I can vouch for that warning! A friend watched these subliminal videos for about an hour and was bouncing all over the place. You could hear the change (for the better) in his voice. So something is definitely going on in them.

Click here to check out the subliminal videos for yourself

Adwords 180 Review

Adwords 180 is a brand new book introducing an area of Adwords that, although it’s been around for ages, is probably new to you.

The biggest negative I’ve got about Adwords 180 is that it’s password protected. I find this a pain in the backside, mainly because I can never remember where to find the password (recently I’ve taken to renaming password protected ebooks on my PC so that the password is part of the name of the file). So long as you can live with this unnecessary “protection” then read on…

If you’ve used Google Adwords for any length of time, you’ve probably got all the usual suspects: Google Cash, Perry Marshall’s excellent course, etc.

So what’s different about Adwords 180?

I’ve not come across this information in those courses or anywhere else for that matter.

The title Adwords 180 comes from the idea that it turns using Adwords through 180 degrees – instead of going for the search results, you go for the content network (anything from quality sites through to throwaway scraped sites) but only the sites you want to target. This makes using the content network as laser targeted as using the regular search side of Adwords but at a fraction of the cost.

Adwords 180 will take a little bit of effort, especially at the start, but you should start seeing traffic arrive at prices you’ve only dreamed of. The book describes how you can get clicks to your site for less than 1 cent, which sounds impossible given Google’s minimum bid is a cent and you’d normally have to be a long term Perry Marshall student and absolutely manic about testing to get anywhere near that level. Adwords 180 will show you how anyone can get these kind of prices.

Because it’s the content network, your ads won’t show instantly. So I can’t tell you yet how my ads are doing but I’ll do my best to report back in a few days. My first campaign is waiting for Google approval. Once it’s up and running, I’ll be running ads on selected sites, just at the point where someone is about to download a competitor product. Should be fun to watch!

Grab your copy of Adwords 180 now and get your share of these incredibly low priced clicks.

Make Money Without Adsense

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to rely on Google Adsense to make money from your website?

There are various ways of doing this.

Trouble is, most of them are a bit complicated. You go off, find relevant affiliate programs and place the individual ads yourself.

But if your site is in the right market and there are enough products in the Clickbank marketplace then there’s now a new product that will allow you to add Adsense style adverts very quickly.

The major plus point is that this then means you get the nice fat margins associated with Clickbank products rather than the few cents a click that you normally get with Adsense.

The best product I’ve found so far can be found here. It’s just a $7 one time payment and installation is straightforward. If you are currently running Adsense and want more cash from your website, you owe it to yourself to test this out.

Click here for your instant download.

Seven Dollar Secrets

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re getting more and more offers for cheap reports, you can find out why by reading seven dollar secrets.

It’s a quick read. Just over 30 pages (which in itself is good value for $7). There’s lots of information.

The downside is there will be a bit of work involved if you want to create a similar system. But you can start by selling this report to build up some cash. I got my first sale within a few hours of buying the report.

Included with Seven Dollar Secrets is a download of the script that will allow you to set up a similar site and let other people start building your list for you.

This is a viral system that really does work. If you offer a free report, there’s no incentive to pass it on. With $7 Dollar Secrets, you offer a cheap paid-for report (you can probably guess the price of $7 from the title). As sales come in, you then start to build a list of actual buyers. People who’ve put their hand in their pocket and spent real cash. That’s a lot more valuable than a list of people who want to download a free report!

Try Seven Dollar Secrets for yourself now. At just $7, it’s a bargain!

Centerpointe Review

Centerpointe is a high tech way of meditating:

Simply place the Centerpointe CD in your player, put on the headphones, sit back and listen.

The Centerpointe system works by playing two slightly different tones, one into each ear. This is disguised by the natural sound of rainfall, which makes for a relaxing meditation session.
There are two tracks on the CD you’ll receive. When you first get them, you’re advised to just play the first track. I strongly recommend that you follow this suggestion! Continue reading

Domain Parking. Waiting for your domain to sell?

OK, so you’ve bought a domain but now do you need domain parking? If you keep meaning to get round to doing something with your domain. Or maybe you’ll even sell the domain one day…

But, for now, you’ve got a domain and it’s gathering virtual dust.

Chances are that it already goes to a domain parking page. And there’s an even higher chance that you aren’t making any money out of any visits your domain is getting.

Standard hosting domain parking pages sometimes say something cute like “Registered for one of our customers”. Sometimes they’ll be like a NameCheap which says the domain is coming soon but until then why not sign up for a domain with NameCheap (and as far as I know, you won’t get a commission on this).

If you’ve been smart, maybe you’ve parked your domain with someone like SEDO. I’ve been there, done that, made absolutely zero.

Just recently, I’ve stumbled on a service that allows you to park your domain and earn money from it. It’s really simple to use:

  • Enter your domain name
  • Enter your site title
  • Enter your keywords (up to 20)
  • Enter your Adsense or other code
  • If you want to, add some tracking code
  • If you want to, post the site as “for sale”
  • Change the nameservers at your domain name registrar

Once the new DNS updates, you’ve got a fairly ugly site. But it’s filled with targetted articles and your adverts.

You also get commission if someone buys the domain parking service through your site.

It’s a flat price of just under $100 for up to 100 parked domains. It took me about 10 minutes to set up 10 sites with it.

Check out the domain parking service here.

Sedona Method review

The Sedona method is really simple. Maybe too simple, that’s why it takes quite a few listenings before our mind comes to terms with the ideas contained in it.

The Sedona technique was devised by a man called Lester Levenson. At the age of 42, his doctors sent him home to die. But he decided that he’d rather not take their advice! So within 3 months he completely recovered and lived for another 40, happy, years.

What you’ll learn with the Sedona method is how to do the same with your life.

A number of years ago, I went on a 2 day course locally to learn the technique. But far and away the easiest way to apply it is to get the CD course, listen to it and work through the example exercises.

The Sedona method has personally helped me with my goal setting – I used the technique to visualize my current house. I set a deadline of 6 months and then promptly forgot about it (that’s the way I work quite a lot of the time, I get distracted). Anyway, the upshot of it was that within that 6 month time line, I’d moved into my new house, which was exactly as I’d described.

Other people I know have used the Sedona method to become completely relaxed and grounded.

In a nutshell, with the Sedona method, you’re asking yourself a series of 3 questions: “Would I”, “Could I”, “When”. Each answer should either be “Yes” or “No”. Apart from that, there are no right or wrong answers! And because it’s so simple, your conscious mind kicks in and says “That can’t be right. Nothing can be that simple!”. So we need a CD set or seminar to get the idea into our minds that it really is that simple!

The logic behind the Sedona method is that we do one of three things with our feelings:

  1. Suppress them, bottle them up, let our stomach tie itself in knots
  2. Express them, get angry – usually with someone else
  3. Let them drift away

The first option does us no good and is why we attract dis-ease.

The second option usually does us some good but it isn’t much fun to be on the receiving end of.

The third option is the best all round.

Take a pen in your hand – we’ll use this as a simple analogy for feelings.

Grip the pen tighter and tighter. It hurts, doesn’t it?

Then open your hand and let the pen roll around. It does that quite happily!

Now turn your hand over and hear the satisfying thud as the pen hits the floor.

You can do exactly the same with your feelings. For feelings, read anything from apathy, grief, jealousy, anger, pride, through to courageousness or peace… Anything from the driver who’s just cut you up to the satisfaction of getting your latest project out perfectly.

And that’s the Sedona method.