Online Meditation Music

There’s plenty of online meditation music available if you know where to look for it.

The trouble is, a lot of it is available on the various file sharing networks, so the copyright situation isn’t always as clear cut as it could be. Given that you’re looking for meditation music, it wouldn’t be good karma if you downloaded an illegal track.

So where can you get online meditation music legally?

Recently, I’ve discovered a place where for a small, one off, charge you get access to a selection of meditation, relaxation, “zoning” and other tracks. They’re in MP3 format and you can download them to burn them to your own CDs or put them on your iPod.

All the tracks are fully licensed, so you’ve no need to worry about copyright implications.

They upload tracks on a regular basis, so you’ll always have a supply of fresh meditation music to listen to.

Click here to find online meditation music.

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  1. Felzia - Guided Meditation cd

    Currently there are so many Meditation cd packs are available in market, if we make use of that and practice meditation means then it will be useful or regular meditation classes are best.

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