Absolute Covers Review

I’ve used various different sources for ebook covers.

If I’m looking for a quick cover, then I used to use Rentacoder but they’ve since been taken over by Freelancer and I no longer use them. I’ve often had quite good ebook covers turned round in a few hours.

But if I’m looking for something that’s higher quality, then it’s time to use a full time graphic designer.

The last few ebook cover graphics I’ve had designed have been by Absolute Covers.

Check my Healthy Eating for Kids site to see the quality that’s delivered.
Absolute Covers aren’t the cheapest on the market. But the quality is high and the turnaround times are fast.

You get a choice of what’s included in your ebook cover package. This can be as simple as just the cover graphic or it can be more complicated, so you can go for a website header graphic, footer graphic, order button, etc.

Absolute Covers require you to set up an account before you can place an order, but once you’ve done that it’s plain sailing.

Choose the cover style – you can see on the Healthy Eating for Kids site I chose one that looks like a book. But there are plenty of other styles to choose from, including ones that look as though they’ve been ring bound and so on. If your product is software or audio, they also do CD and DVD covers with the CD or DVD poking out of the box if you want.

Pricing is quite reasonable and the interactive pricing system means that you will know what effect your various design decisions will have on the price before you commit to ordering.

Check out Absolute Covers now. Your site will look better for it.

4 thoughts on “Absolute Covers Review

  1. Dan Hawkes


    I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed your website Trevor. I’ve also read your articles on enzinearticles.com and was very impressed with them.

    I’ve just recently started a website myself and will soon be featuring e-books so will be checking out your site regularly for tips and advice.

    Maybe we could exchange links? If this sounds like something that could be mutually beneficial please let me know and I’ll feature some your articles on my site, together with your website URL of course.

    Although my site is relatively new at present (5 weeks old), I have ambitious plans, and I’m sure that in time this will help in the generation of traffic to your website.

    Kind regards
    Dan Hawkes

  2. C. DeRand


    Thanks for the advice. Absolute covers seemed to be a little on the high side. Several of my sites sell books and I needed a slightly less expensive solution. I chose Cheapest Covers for both my Toasting book and my Food and Wine Pairing book at FoodandWineBook.com.

    C. DeRand

  3. Martin

    Hey Trevor,

    Thanks for this quick article, it definately pointed me in the right direction.

    I was previously considering possibly killer covers ’cause they’ve got pretty good reviews too. I checked Absolute covers out In the end though I figured (since I have a little background knowledge in design and some free time on my hands) I could probably create my ebook cover myself. Plus I knew that I’d be designing a few ebooks in the coming months and didn’t want to cash-out every time I needed a new ebook cover.

    So here’s what I did – I went searching for some ebook cover software or photoshop action scripts in google (and found quite a few actually) but I finally opted on this ebook cover software. It’s great because of the fact I can use it over and over plus it’s got more than enough actions to keep my designs looking original and professional.

    I just thought I’d add it to your article suggesting another possible route to getting your ebook covers designed.

    Thanks again Trevor for the post and for prompting me to actually get something done about my ebook designs!


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