Meditation for Beginners: Best Ways of How To Meditate Properly

One question I’m asked a lot is “what is the best meditation for beginners“?

A lot of people think that meditating involves a lot of practice and is complicated.

And whilst that’s true for some forms of meditation, there are several ways that you can begin to learn how to meditate without much effort…

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Micro Niche Finder Review

Micro Niche Finder is the tool I use to find keywords when I’m looking for themes for articles or pretty much anything else.

It hooks in to the Google keyword tool, so you know that real people are searching for the phrases it finds.

And it stores them in its own database so you can go back to previous searches whenever you want to.

But it also does a lot more:

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Carbonite Backup: Online PC Backup Review

If you’re like most people I know, backing up the important data on your hard drive is something you know you should do but you’ll get round to it some day soon, honest – Carbonite Backup solves this problem.

Same goes for your cell phone. You probably only back it up when someone else has lost their phone. I know I’m usually embarrassed at how long there is between backups on my cell phone.

And backing up my hard drive? Well, I kept meaning to get an external drive and use that. But somehow it never happened…

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PDF Password Recovery Review

If you’re 100% organised, there’s a chance you may not need to to use a PDF password recovery program.

I’ve got a lot of PDFs scattered over my hard drive and some of those have a password attached to them.

Usually I rename them so that the file name tells me what the password is. But occasionally I don’t do that and then need to hunt through emails or MSN chats to find what the password was.

Other people I know get sent password protected PDFs at work and they either have to add to their collection of Post It notes or find somewhere else to store the password.

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Guru Bypass Review

If you’ve been online for a while, you’ll have come across numerous systems promising that you can make your fortune without spending any money, you’ve maybe even come across Guru Bypass.

I’m not sure exactly what caused me to buy the Guru Bypass system – most likely it was the case studies (you can get your copy of these at the end of this page in exchange for your email address).

Anyway, whatever the exact reason, I’m glad I did…

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When Outsourcing Goes Bad

Outsourcing. (Or what used to be called delegation)

The idea sounds great: give all the things you can’t do or don’t want to do to someone else.

Sites like Elance and Rentacoder make outsourcing a task anyone can do.

Most of the time, things go well or at least reasonably well. I’ve been outsourcing all sorts of things for some time now.

But when outsourcing goes bad….

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Secrets of Real Hypnosis Review

The Secrets of Real Hypnosis is delivered on one CD. This contains two hypnosis tracks and a setup file which installs the main course into its own folder on your PC.

The first chapter gives an overview of hypnosis and reassures you that hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all drop into from time to time.

If you don’t believe this, think back to a car journey where you remember little, if anything, about the trip between setting out on the journey and arriving at your destination. You were in a hypnotic trance, maybe because you do the journey so often that you were on the human equivalent of auto-pilot. Continue reading

NLP Toolbox Review

When I first investigated Neuro Linguistic Programming, I read a few books and was pretty much none the wiser about how NLP worked. I then graduated to an audio series and, finally, took a live course.

The NLP Toolbox promises that you will get the top one hundred NLP tools in an easy-to-master format.

Does it live up to this bold claim?

If you want the quick answer: Yes!

The toolbox is delivered as a PDF file. Which means you can read it on near enough any computer or, if you prefer, sacrifice a few trees and print it out.

The report starts by giving you permission to experiment and have fun. Like most everything in life, you won’t always get the expected results. And NLP is no different. Continue reading

Ten Minute Phobia Cure Review

Phobias are defined as being irrational fears of certain things or situations so the idea of a fast phobia cure shouldn’t take you too much by surprise.

Which, whilst it’s probably true, doesn’t help much if you’re unlucky enough to suffer from a phobia.

Whether you’re afraid of spiders, heights, flying, public speaking or anything else, it’s likely holding you back in some way.

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